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D2ODeuterium Oxide (aka Heavy Water)
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In the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique, the mother consumes an accurately weighed dose of deuterium oxide, which rapidly equilibrates with her body water, including her milk.
Validity of deuterium oxide dilution for the measurement of body fat among Singaporeans.
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation:Supply of Deuterium Oxide
The measurement of deuterium oxide in body fluids by the falling drop method.
In their experiments, Pons and Fleischmann pass an electrical current between palladium and platinum electrodes immersed in a flask containing lithium ions dissolved in deuterium oxide -- a heavy version of water made of oxygen and the hydrogen isotope deuterium.
Deuterium oxide, a stable isotope of hydrogen, can be used to measure lean or fat mass accumulation, to track synthesis of protein and fatty acids and study the function of individual bacterial cells.
By what chemical term is deuterium oxide better known?