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At thirty years of age he became a central figure in the development of the art of telephony.
This market has given an immense development to commerce, to navigation, to communication by land.
No, it seems our development and our consciousness must go further to understand all the intricacies of this pleasure.
But for the full development of Life to its highest mode of perfection, something more is needed.
It was a remarkable thing--all that physical strength which had reached in Quasimodo such an extraordinary development, and which was placed by him blindly at the disposition of another.
He lived in the family of President Hopkins, and thus had a training that was wholly out of the common; and this training had much to do with the development of his own strong character, whose originality and force we are only beginning to appreciate.
But a complex and difficult process of internal development was taking place all this time in Pierre's soul, revealing much to him and causing him many spiritual doubts and joys.
But if, as Amiel himself challenges us to do, we look below the surface of a very equable and even smoothly accomplished literary manner, we discover, in high degree of development, that perplexity or complexity of soul, the expression [23] of which, so it be with an adequate literary gift, has its legitimate, because inevitable, interest for the modern reader.
We may note the garlic and whisky on the breath of a fellow strap hanger, or the cheap perfume emanating from the person of the wondrous lady sitting in front of us, and deplore the fact of our sensitive noses; but, as a matter of fact, we cannot smell at all, our olfactory organs are practically atrophied, by comparison with the development of the sense among the beasts of the wild.
Their theory of development is wrong, for it does not tend toward a perfectly balanced whole.
Not that we are philanthropists, but that we need the investors in our big development scheme.
He quoted Spencer and Malthus, and enunciated the biological law of development.
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