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DTTHDirect-to-the-Home (telecommunications)
DTTHDevil Take the Hindmost (bicycle race)
DTTHDon't Trust the Hype
DTTHDesign and Technical Theatre
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My motto is, leave me alone; I don't want anyone interfering with me; I'll make the best of a bad job, and the devil take the hindmost."
It was a war of each against all, and the devil take the hindmost. You did not give feasts to other people, you waited for them to give feasts to you.
"LAISSEZ-FAIRE, the let-alone policy of each for himself and devil take the hindmost. As Mr.
That desire was known to almost everyone except the minority that voted for the losing candidates; among them my own very talented niece- Assumption Convent bred and Boston College polished-for whom I of course voted because I am Filipino; and for Filipinos it is always family first and the devil take the hindmost. We are Latin that way.
Austerity was, is and always will be a Tory ideology, abandoning families, withdrawing services and letting the devil take the hindmost.
They will swear in Raila and let the devil take the hindmost. The burning question is: must Kenya take that route?
The idea that "individuals and peoples prosper most when governed least," Fitzhugh wrote, was nothing but a lie: "It has been justly observed that under this system the rich are continually growing richer and the poor poorer." As for the pro-market writings of Adam Smith and others, Fitzhugh dismissed them as "every man for himself, and Devil take the hindmost."
And, as usual, it will be a case of "the Devil take the hindmost".
Sadly I think this has become the way people think and act ever since Margaret Thatcher introduced a devil take the hindmost society where people are judged on what they possess rather than the person they are.
"It assumes the predominance in our society of the law of the jungle tacitly encouraging a 'war of all against all' and 'every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost' rather than indicating trust in the government and our duly constituted authorities.
Welsh international youth rider Gwyn Lovibond (Rhyl CC) is also following the early bird ethos, similarly scoring second and third places in the Devil Take The Hindmost and Points races at the same meeting.
Then in the Elimination (Devil Take The Hindmost) Clancy tantalised the audience by sailing too close to the back of the bunch on a few occasions before delivering a blistering sprint in the final lap to leave Frenchman Franco Marvulli (Howies) accepting defeat 100 metres before the finish.