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DEWSDevelopment Economic Western Switzerland
DEWSDelivering Environmental Web Services (project; UK)
DEWSDrought Early Warning System
DEWSDigital Electronic Warfare Suite (fighter aircraft system)
DEWSDistant Early Warning Signs
DEWSDirected Energy Weapons System
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"The new DEWS scheme will reinforce our position as a jurisdiction that attracts and retains the very best professional talent from across the globe in accordance with best practice, including employee benefits.
Dews also told E&P that the industry must put money back into local journalism and a good way to do that is through events.
Professor James Wolffsohn, chair of the DEWS II diagnosis subcommittee, highlighted that the new report reduced uncertainty.
I'm going to get a knife - chop, chop.'" The Huddersfield court heard that at least three calls were made to police about Dews' behaviour.
Dyw Dews heb siarad gyda Wyn ers iddo golli genedigaeth ei fab a rhoi'r gorau i'r camera 10 mis yn ol.
The Dews are looking at using the same concept in other locations, perhaps Leavenworth or Chelan.
That will be a big disappointment to supporters excited at the prospect of Jackson back in black and white - but landing Dews would be a major coup for the club regardless.
Place Dews, had had a number of nervous breakdowns and over a number of years he never settled down.
Many workers have established a relationship between dew periods (leaf wetness duration) and the occurrence and severity of fungal diseases (Danneberger, 1983; Williams et al., 1996).
Using the DEWS model, community leaders decide which indicators are important to them, based on their unique and intimate knowledge of the community.
Dyddiadur Dews S4C, 10pm Gyda chomisiwn wedi'i sicrhau, caiff awydd artistig Dews ei fodloni dros dro gyda siec o PS1,000 gan Wyn Olwyn a'r addewid y bydd Dyddiadur Dews yn rhaglen ddifrifol am gylch bywyd y fferm laeth.