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DEXDelta Epsilon Chi
DEXDynamic Execution
DEXDirect Exchange
DEXDecrement Index
DEXDirect Exchange (data communications)
DEXData Exchange Corporation (Camarillo, California)
DEXDetector Exploration Ltd (stock symbol)
DEXDictionary Expansion Library
DEXDecrement Index Register (programming)
DEXDeveloping Excellence (EU)
DEXDigital Exploration Society
DEXDistributed Execution
DEXDungeon Eternal X (gaming)
DEXDeaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group Ltd (UK)
DEXDeconvolution of Exchange (Data)
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The biggest difference between the DeX Station and the DeX Pad is that a Galaxy phone will be laid down flat on the pad.
The deX is a digital marketplace that allows home and commercial building-based energy assets and appliances such as batteries, air conditioners and fridges to be bid into the market to be used for a range of grid services such as reducing network energy constraints.
To start working, users simply insert their Samsung smartphone into the DeX Station, which connects the smartphone to an HDMI compatible monitor, and connect to any Bluetooth-enabled, USB or RF-type keyboard and mouse.
As Dex stood in one of New York's most expensive neighborhoods, he took a moment to live-stream a video for his fans, reminding them, and himself, just how far he had come.
As 42-year-old Dex explains: "People have always called me Dex, but I gave myself the name China9 because it was the name I used when I was involved in graffiti.
Through this partnership, Dex One customers will be better positioned to optimise their lead generation activities, leverage local search, enhance their digital presence and better compete in a changing marketplace.
A DESIGN FOR LIFE: Robert Dalton and James Dex from Dolton&Dex with John Barnes, centre manager at the University of Warwick Science Park's Warwick Innovation Centre
Just to get the abbreviations straight: DEX (which stands for direct exchange) makes use of UCS (uniform communication standard).
The key to the dex 740/760's enhanced productivity is dual access, that is the ability to perform many tasks simultaneously.
Though not much is known about the DeX station, Samsung has essentially confirmed its existence through (https://www.