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DEXDelta Epsilon Chi
DEXDirect Exchange (data communications)
DEXData Exchange Corporation (Camarillo, California)
DEXDetector Exploration Ltd (stock symbol)
DEXDictionary Expansion Library
DEXDecrement Index Register (programming)
DEXDeveloping Excellence (EU)
DEXDigital Exploration Society
deXDistributed Execution
DEXDungeon Eternal X (gaming)
DEXDeaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group Ltd (UK)
DEXDeconvolution of Exchange (Data)
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More than 70 percent in number and 80 percent in value of Dex One secured lenders support the merger;
From there, they can enter their ZIP code to find out which Dex directories they currently receive and can easily customize their future directory orders.
He never allows Dex to appear either pathetic or overconfident and lends an irresistible, little-boy charm to the large lothario's ceaseless calculating.
The Dex Affiliate Program is a great way for website owners to get paid for providing added value for their users," said Jeff Porter, vice president and general manager, DexKnows.
As shown in Figure 1, Dex produced a dose-dependent increase in luciferase expression with a maximal expression of about 8-fold at 100 nM.
Through the partnership, Dex One customers will be better positioned to optimize their lead generation activities, leverage local search, enhance their digital presence and better compete in a changing marketplace.
Our goal is to provide CMRs with simple, focused communications that make it easier for them to access information and do business with Dex.
Along with the Dex Your Debt Survey results, Dex One, a leading local marketing solutions company, announced the Dex Your Mortgage Away Sweepstakes.
Dex Products Help Twin Cities Businesses Triple Their Chances for Success
The Dex CityCentral iPad app, as well as the Dex Mobile iPhone app, are available as free downloads in iTunes.
We're deeply concerned for the people of Iowa and are working hard to provide them with directories that will assist them in their recovery," said Ric Jensen, regional marketing manager, Dex.
Instead of using a traditional musical score, Local Rhythms layers the sounds of local businesses into a one-of-a-kind soundtrack that connects Dex to everything local, making it unique and memorable.