dffbDeutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (German Film and Television Academy Berlin)
dffbDeep Fried Funk Brothers (band)
dffbDonaghadee Fusiliers Flute Band (UK)
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Meanwhile, an independent statement from a group of DFFB lecturers hailed Gibson as "an outstanding personality of European filmmaking (.
I'm honored and delighted to be joining the DFFB," he said in the school's statement.
Gibson, who the DFFB said is not giving interviews before he takes up the position officially in February, produced a string of independent British films in the 1980s and 1990s before taking over the directorship of the London Film School, which he ran for 13 years.
It was a disappointment," a student at the DFFB, who preferred to remain anonymous, told DW, "The students are just starting to come to terms with it.
I recall a scene incorporating a clip from a student film made by Auma Obama while studying at the DFFB.
Going back to your own training as a filmmaker, can you tell us a little about studying at the DFFB between 1992 and 1999?
Holger Meins, who famously quit filmmaking in 1970 to go underground and join the Red Army Faction, was one of the SDS activists at the DFFB who started the Projektgruppe Schulerfilm in 1967.
Movie was Krohn's graduation work from Berlin's DFFB film school but is pro on every level.
A Luna Film, ZDF, DFFB (Germany)/ Talent House, TV 4 (Finland) production.
Overall, it's a more than solid feature debut by young Finnish-born writer-director Hannu Salonen, who studied at Berlin film and TV school DFFB.