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DIBSDiabase (lithological term)
DIBSDansk Internet Betalings System (Danish: Danish Internet Payment System)
DIBSDual Ion Beam Sputtering
DIBSDECA Interim Business System
DIBSDigital Integrated Business System
DIBSDynamic Infrared Background System
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1994) established Lower Silurian ages for the northeastern part of the Kingston belt, the age of the felsic volcanic sequences and (in particular) the diabase dykes was contentious.
The exposed basalt, diabase, and gabbro in these dikes is distinct in appearance compared to the widely variable and weathered-exterior igneous cobbles commonly found in the Pleistocene-age glacial tills all around the greater Cahokia region.
From oldest to youngest (Elston and Snider, 1964), they are diabase porphyry, olivine diabase porphyry, fine-grained diabase, latite or trachyte, tephrite porphyry, and rhyolite.
A Vulcan block model with cell dimensions of 10 metres (X), 10 metres, (Y) 5 metres (Z), was coded to reflect the surface topography, base of overburden, Webb Lake granodiorite contacts, domain solids, and the late stage diabase dyke.
Dykes have sometimes maintained their original combination due to hydrothermal, metasomatism and tectonic processes and contain micro-gabbro to gabbro composition, and sometimes the diabase dykes have transformed into hydrothermal metamorphic gabbros [12].
Le cortege plutonique de Charlo est un groupe de plutons et de dykes de petite taille, situe a l'ouest des plutons du ruisseau Dickie et du ruisseau Landry, et il se compose de diabase, de monzonite quartzique a du monzogranite, de porphyre rhyolitique, et de porphyre dacitique.
Un assemblage primaire a trois phases d'inclusions fluides au sein de cristaux de quartz a zones de croissance de la phase granophyrique de la diabase de Nipissing a ete retenu comme indicateur de la temperature maximale des fluides a l'origine de la formation du gisement de Cobalt.
extracting diabase, a hard igneous rock which will be marketed in the U.
It is postulated that the very coarse grained, almost pegmatitic nature of zones within the Nipissing Diabase have either created a primary porosity along irregular grain boundaries in which mineralizing fluids have deposited silver or silver has been precipitated along grain boundaries as a late stage primary feature within the differentiate.
Thus the diabase dike swarm is a manifestation of the Kings River Rift structural genesis.
Ophiolites are tectonically transported assemblages of peridotite and other ultramafic rocks, gabbro, diabase, and mafic pillow lavas, commonly capped by chert or other pelagic sedimentary rocks.
Behavior of trace and major elements and minerals during early stages of weathering of diabase and granite in Central Wisconsin.