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It confirms my diagnosis, as you doctors express it.
He drew his chair to the sofa, and surveyed her with a bland look of investigation -- as if he had been her medical attendant, with a diagnosis on his mind.
A settled apathy, a gradual wasting away of the person, and frequent although transient affections of a partially cataleptical character, were the unusual diagnosis.
When I saw that her high spirits had failed, I at once took advantage of her reaction to make a diagnosis.
Cell-aware diagnosis is made possible by a new type of fault model.
There are meagre studies on clinicopathological consistency in diagnosis of skin disorders.
The most common diagnosis was carpal tunnel syndrome in 721(17%) patients, followed by polyneuropathy 312(7.
Also, more than 10% of children diagnosed with an ASD at age 2 years no longer have the diagnosis by age 9.
In an observational study of more than 20,000 older adults with pancreatic cancer, 10 antecedent diagnoses were found to be significantly associated with the cancer diagnosis.
When a patient is admitted to hospital, the team of doctors formulate a "working diagnosis," he explained.
Of those, 11,897 had an ICD-9 diagnosis code of 290.
A variety of laboratory tests for diagnosis of histoplasmosis, including fungal culture, histopathology, serologic tests, antigen detection, and molecular methods, have different sensitivities based on clinical manifestations and host status (9).