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Our General Communication dial has caught her talk and begins to eavesdrop.
Do I want help?" The General Communicator dial had caught his ear.
Now he turned his attention to the western dial. This he set upon a certain point.
As quickly as possible he replaced the second dial cover, and resumed his place on guard.
A single glance showed him the truth, or at least a part of it--the steel projection that communicated the movement of the pointer upon the dial to the heart of the mechanism beneath had been severed.
If it had been the purpose of some enemy to delay him, he had succeeded well, thought Carthoris, as he unlocked the cover of the second dial the first having shown that its pointer had not been set at all.
Beneath the second dial he found the steel pin severed as in the other, but the controlling mechanism had first been set for a point upon the western hemisphere.
"I think you said," I began, with assumed carelessness, "that after eleven the sight of the dial no longer affects you.
This dial hanging in front of us indicates the speed of the Nautilus.
I am not well enough versed, however, in the diagnosis of this disease to speak with decision upon the point; and unhappily there were none of my friends of the "Dial" present.
Every time the dial painters pointed their brushes with their lips, they ingested radium.
Thus they have the idea that the windage dial is as important as the elevation dial.