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DICERDigital Information Center for Environment Research (South Korea)
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Holac is a world leader in meat dicing and cubing technology and offers a complete range of Dicers for applications of all types and sizes.
Quantitative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (Qrt-Pcr) Analysis for Dicer Mima Expresion
In four reproductive morphs of Acyrthosiphon pisum, expression levels of four genes (two Argonaute genes and two dicer genes) were the highest in parthenogenetic sexuparae female compared to parthenogenetic virginoparae female, sexual oviparae female and sexual male (Ortiz-Rivas et al.
NM_203359) were designed to amplify overlapping fragments of partial coding sequence (cds) of bubaline dicer using the online tool Primer3 (Untergrasser et al.
Goz ovalamasinin keratokonus ve dicer kornea ektazilerin patogenezi ile de iliskisi olducu belirtilmektedir.
The researchers noticed that cells lacking cyclin D1 produced less of the miRNA-processing protein, Dicer, and therefore had reduced levels of mature miRNA.
2001) were thought to be quickly degraded following Dicer cleavage of the double-stranded pre-miRNA molecule (Matranga et al.
Many miRNAs are regulated at the Dicer processing step.
Cutting levels of Dicer in half spurs on cancer because less of it leads to less microRNA, which can mean increased production of proteins that drive rapid growth.
Novation knows its Trivial Pursuit from its Mousetrap as it only makes its Dicer in pairs.
Associations with diastolic blood pressure were modified by SNPs in the DICER, GEMIN4, and DGCR8 genes, and associations with systolic blood presure were modified by SNPs in GEMIN3 and GEMIN4.
Dicerna) a second generation RNA interference (RNAi) company, and Ipsen (Euronext: FR0010259150; IPN), a global biotechnology specialty care group, have announced that the two companies have entered into an exclusive research collaboration agreement to leverage their expertise in Dicer Substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) research and peptide engineering.