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DCMDilated Cardiomyopathy
DCMDeputy Chief of Mission
DCMDebt Capital Markets
DCMDoll Capital Management
DCMDistinguished Conduct Medal (UK Military)
DCMDiscontinuous Conduction Mode
DCMDemand Chain Management
DCMDigital Clock Manager
DCMDistrict Committee Member
DCMDigital Content Manager
DCMDispersion Compensation Module
DCMData Collection Module
DCMDiscontinuous Current Mode
DCMDirector of Civilian Marksmanship
DCMDefense Contract Management
DCMDigital Camera Module
DCMData Communication Module
DCMDigital Cable Modem
DCMDesign and Construction Management
DCMDisplay Control Module (IBM)
DCMDirection Cosine Matrix
DCMDisplay and Control Module
DCMDigital Carrier Module (telecommunications)
DCMDon't Care Much
DCMDICOM File Format (file extension; medical imaging)
DCMDigital Circuit Multiplication
DCMDistrict Court Martial (various nations)
DCMDon't Come Monday (fired from job)
DCMDynamic Content Management
DCMDigital Cartographic Model
DCMDelhi Cloth Mills
DCMDocument Content Management
DCMDriver Chain Manager (software library to coordinate accessibility applications)
DCMDangerous Cargo Manifest (US DOT)
DCMDeputy Commander for Maintenance
DCMDocument Compliance Manager (Documentum)
DCMDiagnostic Control Module
DCMDirect Connect Module
DCMDreamcast Magazine
DCMData Control Module
DCMData Change Management
DCMDECOM Control Memory (NASA)
DCMData Communications Multiplexer
DCMData Communications Manager
DCMDiscrete Control Module
DCMDesign Change Management
DCMDefensive Counter Measures
DCMDevelopment Cycle Manager
DCMDecoupled Cell Monte-Carlo
DCMDMLSS Communications Management
DCMDistribution Cache Manager
DCMDesktop Configuration Management (computing)
DCMDefensive Combat Maneuvering
DCMData Compression Multiplexer
DCMDiode-Capacitor Multiplier
DCMDivision Computing Management
DCMDisk Coverage Method
DCMDefinition, Calculation, and Measurement
DCMDefense Control Management
DCMDomestic Capacity Management (Sprint)
DCMDelaware Custom Material
DCMDistance-Conserving Mapping
DCMDirectory Control Module
DCMDisciplined Clock Module (DSC)
DCMDivision Control Multivibrator
DCMDistrict Channel Manager
DCMDelivery Capability Management
DCMDirect Control Mode
DCMDigital Commerce Manager
DCMDocument Classification Module
DCMDesign Compliance Manager (various companies)
DCMDesired Configuration Management
DCMDisability Case Management
DCMData Channel Multiplexer (US DoD)
DCMDell Client Manager (computing)
DCMDark Chaos Magic (gaming clan)
DCMDorset County Museum (UK)
DCMDistribution Channel Management (IBM)
DCMData Correction Mode
DCMData Collection Management
DCMDépartement de Chimie Moléculaire (French: Department of Molecular Chemistry)
DCMDepartment of Comparative Medicine (various schools)
DCMData Collection and Monitoring
DCMDiscrete Choice Model (facial expression recognition)
DCMDispositif de Commande Manuelle (French: Manual Control Device)
DCMDorures Charles Mathieu (French boutique)
DCMDebt Control Management (South Africa)
DCMData Center Migration
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The report focuses on global major Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride) market players providing information such as company profiles, product picture and specification, capacity production, price, cost, production value and contact information.
Insights from epidemiology into dichloromethane and cancer risk.
Using dichloromethane as blank, sample extracts were also run through the GC and PAH concentrations in the sample identified and determined through the calibration peaks of PAH standards.
Activated silica gel (17 g) soaked in dichloromethane was loaded into the clean-up column (5 cm), which was then topped up with 1.
Paclitaxel drug, 50/50 Poly Lactide-co-Glycolide, and Poly vinyl pyrrolidone were accurately weighed and dissolved in HPLC grade dichloromethane to prepare coating solution as represented in Table 1.
Scientists had found two organic chemicals - chloromethane and dichloromethane - when the Viking landers heated samples of Martian soil.
The solvents petroleum ether, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, methanol and acetic acid were of the BDH laboratory grade, diclofenac sodium was collected from Square Pharmaceutical Ltd, Bangladesh, Indomethacin from Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd, Bangladesh, Dimethylsulfoxide and Tween-80 from Sigma-Aldrich and rest of the chemicals used were of BDH and E-Merck analytical grade.
2 mol, Sigma-Aldrich) in dichloromethane (750 ml, Sigma-Aldrich ACS reagent, [greater than or equal to] 99.
Traditional paint strippers were based on very effective solvents, such as dichloromethane, that are now recognized as being dangerous for people and the environment.
Besides, trichlorobenzene and dichloromethane were present in the water sample, all of which are toxic.
While it was operating the factory was emitting dichloromethane, a suspected carcinogenic, at levels which were 'normal', according to tests.