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DDVPDimethyl Dichloro-Vinyl Phosphate
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Therapeutic efficacy of charcoal hemoperfusion in patients with acute severe dichlorvos poisoning.
All of these substances have been banned in some industrialized countries, with the Norwegian government slating endosulfan and dichlorvos for phase-out as part of its commitments under the North Sea Declaration.
Piperazine is a popular vermifuge for this one because of its effectiveness and low toxicity, but dichlorvos, levamisole and others are also used.
First developed in 1961, dichlorvos has been widely applied for over 50 years across the world.
Laboratory and field trials were carried out to evaluate the efficacy of the two formulations of Diflubenzuron (WP and granule) vis-a-vis Dichlorvos EC.
5-cm piece of Vaportape (Hercon Environmental, Emigsville, PA, USA), releasing the pesticide dichlorvos, was stapled to a string and hung inside the bucket to kill captured moths.
Space spraying of dichlorvos was carried out twice a week for the first three months, post tsunami; once a week from the fourth to sixth month and thereafter once a month.
A number of organophosphorus pesticides, including dichlorvos, parathion, parathion methyl and phorate, were discovered one after another from the same dumplings and other imported foods.
Chlorpyrifos or dichlorvos (another OP) was found in Indiana myotis guano from all four caves sampled (Wyandotte, Coon, Grotto and Ray's).
8 parts per million (ppm) of dichlorvos, an organophosphoric agent used in fumigation and pesticides, the officials said.
Huff, Cirvello, Haseman, and Bucher (1991) found that dichlorvos caused mammary-gland neoplasms in female mice.
Forty volunteers in Manchester were given capsules of the pesticide dichlorvos, used in pet collars and fly-catching strips, in the tests two years ago.