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One dictionary definition of Philistine is uncultured person, one whose interests are material and common place.
He was invited to become a crew member at the restaurant in Cardiff Road, Barry, as part of the company's campaign to change the public's perception and the dictionary definition of 'McJob' as an unstimulating and low-paid job.
Lynney said: "The dictionary definition of tranquillity is calm, serene, unruffled and you can certainly say that about the scenery and atmosphere here.
Here Goldsmith's relationship to Kosuth comes into focus: while the latter used a closed system (the dictionary definition) to polemically foreground art's self-referentiality, the former uses an open system (the infinite possibilities of the "rhyming dictionary") to reaffirm the connection of both art and language to the world.
And, if the dictionary definition is to be believed, Rihanna was also a natural for the new campaign.
I DON'T particularly use it as a form of hate, I think more in terms of description of a type and attitude, which maybe does not meet a dictionary definition.
Whilst they are of course justified by dictionary definition to call us Nationalists, we are, by that same definition also Patriots (look it up if you don't believe me).
Ofcom said "gay" was not necessarily offensive, and referred to an Oxford English Dictionary definition as "foolish, stupid, disapproved of, lame".
The dictionary definition of the word "blaspheme" is to "speak evil or profane things".
The dictionary definition of marriage: 'join as husband and wife'; wed 'take a husband or wife'.
Extreme is good, the dictionary definition being `the highest degree of intensity"..very rigid'.
Hibs manager John Hughes led the tributes to Wattie, saying he was the "dictionary definition of a football fan".