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DDIDidanosine (aka Videx; antiretroviral drug)
DDIData Documentation Initiative
DDIDevelopment Dimensions International, Inc.
DDIDevice Driver Interface
DDIDirect Dialing In
DDIDrug-Drug Interaction
DDIDansk Døve-Idrætsforbund
DDIDirect Debit Instruction (UK finance & banking term)
DDIDeputy Director of Intelligence (US CIA)
DDIDon't Do It
DDIDuke Digital Initiative (Duke University)
DDIDirect Debit Instruction
DDIDiscado Directo Internacional (Spanish: international direct dial)
DDIDiscagem Direta Internacional (Brazilian Portuguese: direct international dialing)
DDIDevice Dependent Interface
DDIDigital Display Indicator
DDIDesign, Develop, and Implement
DDIDairy Development International, LLC
DDIData Directions Inc. (Virginia)
DDIDiagnostic Digital Imaging
DDIDeutsches Derivate Institut (German: German Derivatives Institute)
DDIData and Dimensions Interface
DDIDirector of Defense Information
DDIDartmouth Debate Institute
DDIDía de Independencia (Spanish: Independence Day)
DDIDirect Deposit Indicator
DDIDigital Data Interpreter
DDIDistilled De-Ionized (water)
DDIDigital Data Indicator
DDIDepth Deviation Indicator
DDIDuty Director for Intelligence
DDIDiscrete Data Input (NASA)
DDIDatabase Data Interchange
DDIDirector Defense Information
DDIDedicated Display Indicator (NASA)
DDIDiscrete Digital Input
DDIDummy, Drill and Inert (training ammunition)
DDIDynamic Dies, Inc. (est. 1971)
DDIDatabase Designing Incorporated
DDIDecoy-DECM Integration
DDIDynamic Data Interchange
DDIDental Digital Imaging (dentistry)
DDIDiamond Design, Inc.
DDIDemand Display Index
DDIDrivers Display Interface
DDIDirect Dial Information
DDIDaini-Denden Planning Company (Japan, now KDDI)
DDIDigital Design Initiative
DDIDirected to Individual (telecommunications)
DDIDocument Data Index (configuration management)
DDIDevelopment, Design and Implementation (various organizations)
DDIDirection et Développement Informatique (French: Management and Software Development)
DDIDéveloppement et Distribution Informatique (French: Information Distribution and Development; Belgium)
DDIDéclaration des Droits de l'Internaute (French: Declaration of Internet Rights)
DDIDouai Distribution Industrielle (French distribution company)
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Didanosine was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in October 1991.
Three patients combined the stavudine with didanosine and one patient combined those two drugs with hydroxyurea.
Stavudine and didanosine are the most frequent NRTIs implicated in mitochondrial toxicity.
After only 6 days, cells grown with didanosine alone were dying, but the cells grown with Ubisol-Aqua(TM): Coenzyme Q10 and didanosine grew and survived like normal nerve cells.
The FDA approves a generic version of didanosine (ddI) delayed release capsules (200 mg, 250 mg, and 400 mg).
Toxicity occurs with the use of agents exhibiting more potent antimitochondrial activity, in the following general order: zalcitabine [greater than or equal to] didanosine [greater than or equal to] stavudine > lamivudine > zidovudine > and abacavir.
Stavudine-containing regimens and the association of stavudine and didanosine in a combination therapy were also identified as strong predictors of hyperlactatemia.
Didanosine (ddI, Dideoxyinosine, Videx), Bristol Myers-Squibb
Coadministration of Viread with didanosine increases didanosine concentrations.
Contract notice: supply of drugs didanosine (doe), noradrenaline (doe), propofol (doe) and metamizol (doe) for all service organizations osakidetza.
12) A large number of studies have since shown a causal link with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor exposure, particularly didanosine, stavudine and zidovudine, of which stavudine shows the strongest link.