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DIEDDéveloppement Industriel Écologiquement Durable (French: Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development; Morocco)
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but base little Pip, he died a coward; died all a'shiver; --out upon Pip
the requiem how be sung "By you - by yours, the evil eye, - by yours, the slanderous tongue "That did to death the innocent that died, and died so young?
They died as my father had died, as Broken-Tooth had died, as my sister and the Hairless One had just died--abruptly and brutally, in the full possession of their faculties, in the full swing and rush of life.
Tell him that I died happy and collected; that I have gone to my beloved mother; that the hours of this life are nothing when balanced in the scales of eternity.
In that hole lies the bones of Chaka, the king who died for Baleka.
If the woman Unandi and her child had died that day on the veldt, the gardens of my people would not now be a wilderness, and their bones would not lie in the great gulley that is near U'Cetywayo's kraal.
But you cried in his ear a name--the name of Baleka, your sister --and he died.
Babbitt, Oakland, MD Admitted 1974; Died March 29, 1999
Daniel Lloyd Bakst, Wellington Admitted 1965; Died May 26, 2009
Carlos Pineda, 23, Los Angeles, died June 24 in combat in Fallujah.
Veashna Muy, 20, of Los Angeles, died June 23 in an attack by a suicide bomber in Fallujah.
In another case, a 19-month-old girl who had been born addicted to cocaine and amphetamines died from physical abuse after the case worker assigned to monitor her did not visit the home for two months preceding her death.