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DIEDDéveloppement Industriel Écologiquement Durable (French: Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development; Morocco)
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Barnes, Woodbridge, NJ Admitted 1971; Died July 9, 2001
Martin Berger, Saddle River, NJ Admitted 1952; Died Oct.
Robert Charles Bishop, Oldsmar Admitted 1987; Died Sept.
Glenn Bludworth, New Orleans, LA Admitted 1929; Died Nov.
Whitley, 21, of Los Angeles, died June 15 when a bomb detonated near Ar Ramadi.
Juan De Dios Garcia-Arana, 27, of Los Angeles, died April 30, in an attack in Khaladiyah.
Venegas, 21, of Simi Valley, died April 7 in a vehicle accident in Al Anbar Province.
Jose Ricardo Flores-Mejia, 21, of Santa Clarita, died Nov.
Tilton added that child abuse deaths overall are actually down sharply - noting that 61 children died at the hands of parents or caretakers in Los Angeles County in 1991, compared to 39 in 1995.
How the children died An internal investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services found 12 cases in which children died last year while under the department's supervision or after the department was warned the children were in danger.
The department found the mother was involved in a San Bernardino County case in which a 10-month-old died under suspicious circumstances.
She died that day from head trauma and shaken baby syndrome.