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DKDenmark (airline tax code)
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DKDeath Knight (gaming)
DKDon't Know
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DKDonna Karan (fashion)
DKDankort (Danish credit card)
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DKDielectric Constant
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DKDesign Kit
DKDrop Kick (wrestling move)
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DKDorling Kindersley Ltd. (publishing)
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DKDemocratic Kampuchea (Cambodia)
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DKDakshina Kannada (Karnataka, India district)
DKDan Kennedy
DKDisplay Keyboard
DKDonut King (various locations)
DKDanish Kingdom
DKDeforest Kelley (actor)
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DKDravidar Kazhagam (political party, India)
DKDirect Kick (soccer)
DKDouble Kill (gaming)
DKDeutscher Kaiser (German Emperor)
DKDisbursing Clerk (USN rating)
DKDread Knights (gaming clan)
DKDragon Khan (roller-coaster, Spain)
DKDivine Knights (gaming clan)
DKDishonorable Kill (gaming, World of Warcraft)
DKDirectie Kunsten (Dutch: direction for fine arts)
DKDaichi Kuroda (Japaneses pop vocalist)
DKDiffusionskonstante (German: diffusion constant; Oxygen Permeability of contact lenses)
DKDraconian Knights (gaming)
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The unsaturated and saturated zones are delineated at the phreatic surface, illustrating the abrupt change in the dielectric constant at this interface.
Dielectric constant increases from 26 to 44 (at f=500kHz) with increase in dopant concentration from 0.
Effect of Applied Pressure on Dielectric Constant and Dielectric Loss
Another aim of the present investigation is to enhance the electrical resistivity while to reduce the dielectric constant and dielectric loss to make the material useful for microwave devices.
However accurate a field solver may be, it will always be limited by the accuracy with which the dielectric constant of the laminate is known.
The material delivers exceptional performance for high frequency applications where a consistently stable dielectric constant is required for a changing environment.
The plots of our samples also describe the fact that the dielectric constant has decreasing trend, as the amount of cobalt substitution is increased.
investigated the distinctive ceramic/polystyrene (PS) composites, having barium tilanaie as ceramic filter (25), These PS composites exhibited good consistency in dielectric constant in the frequency range of 1 kHz to 1 MHz with relative density of about --99.
What makes it work, says Zhao, is that the nanotubes are electrical conductors with high dielectric constant (a measure of how the material affects an electric field), but the polymer is a low dielectric constant material.
It involves using a laminate with a lower dielectric constant.
Miniaturizing antennae requires raising the dielectric constant of the plastic compound in order to increase absorption of electromagnetic signals at lower wavelengths.
With this software, developed by a NIST scientist, manufacturers of printed-wiring boards, ceramics substrates, and other low-loss dielectric materials can use the split-cylinder resonator method to non-destructively measure the dielectric constant and loss tangent over a frequency range of 5 GHz to 50 GHz.