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DIGESTDigital Geographic Information Exchange Standard
DIGESTDigital Geographic Information Exchange Standard (NATO STANAG 7074)
DIGESTDiebold Generator for Statistical Tabulation
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In contrast, the Civil Code of 1825--which exceeds the Digest in
Digest +PROBIOTICS provides a high potency blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics to promote regularity and optimal digestion of larger meals.
Order the Wealth and Investment Research Digest H1 2014 for $350.
2bn, Reader's Digest entered bankruptcy in August 2009 and emerged from the protection in early 2010 after reducing its debt by 75%, the paper said.
Whether it helps alligators and crocodiles pursue their underwater prey or helps them digest it, the heart's special valve does seem to give these hunters a leg up on the competition.
For discussions concerning self-defense, especially our defense against violence and injury, see Digest, 9.
Besides digesting food, enzymes also digest blood clots and attack invading microorganisms.
This approach is the best for Reader's Digest, its shareholders and its employees," said Thomas O.
She also decides to stop all mail from lwv-cfr since she can cheek the List online (see online tools below), receive only an index of message subjects from lwv-reprochoice since she can check ones that interest her online (see online tools below) and have lwv-pres-update sent to her in digest form so that she gets just one message, not a dozen, a day.
A message digest is a condensed representation of electronic data and is used in cryptographic processes, such as digital signatures, message authentication, and the generation of random numbers.
Gels were used to view the digest and determine whether or not the digest with the XMA I enzyme had been successful.