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DIKEDansk Institut for Klinisk Epidemiologi (Denmark)
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He then somehow scrambled into the saddle, and with a "Gee up" and a clap on my sides with both his legs, he started on his journey, making a little circuit to avoid the dike.
Southward, the high ridge of the sea dike, and the grim, massive circle of a martello tower reared high on its mound of grass, closed the view darkly on all that lay beyond.
Two mornings after this little scene, although the day was rainy and gusty, and Amelia had had an exceedingly wakeful night, listening to the wind roaring, and pitying all travellers by land and by water, yet she got up early and insisted upon taking a walk on the Dike with Georgy; and there she paced as the rain beat into her face, and she looked out westward across the dark sea line and over the swollen billows which came tumbling and frothing to the shore.
A hundred fears poured one over the other into the little heart, as fast as the waves on to the Dike.
So thus the band journeyed along the causeway between the dikes, till at last they reached the great gate of Emmet Priory.
to, with his dikes and erigations, if there's any law to be brought to bear o' the right side.
I say it's common sense, as Pivart's dikes must do me an injury.
The area behind the dike is either a dead zone during emerged conditions or a slow flow zone during submerged flow conditions.
Most are white pines, spruce and arborvitae situated on the crest and downward slope of the dike, according to an MWRA spokeswoman.
Every trip out is eye-opening, but in Kunduz, I saw something really extraordinary: the construction of an irrigation diversion dike using methods and materials that have not changed for centuries, maybe for thousands of years.