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DKPDeutsche Kommunistische Partei (German: German Communist Party)
DKPDiketopiperazine (aspartame by-product)
DKPDragon Kill Points (massively multiplayer online games)
DKPDer Kleiner Panzers (California Volkswagen car club)
DKPDigital Keypad
DKPDemokratik Kitle Partisi (Turkish: Democratic Mass Party)
DKPDeutsche Konservative Partei (German: German Conservative Party)
DKPDelpérier-Kédia-Pitkowski (French radio show)
DKPDungeon Kill Points (gaming)
DKPDamal Krishnaswamy Pattammal (Indian musician)
DKPDistributed Knowledge Processing
DKPDriver's Kick Panel (automotive feature)
DKPDan Krech Productions, Inc.
DKPDecontamination Kit Personal (nuclear decontamination)
DKPDrift King Productions (Australian video production company)
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Amoxicillin is mainly metabolized in the liver where its two metabolites (amoxicilloic acid and diketopiperazine) are formed (Elsheikh et al., 1999).
VITMK1 was isolated from Pichavaram region of Tamil Nadu and it yielded a potent antibacterial compound diketopiperazine (5).
TI is a dry powder formulation composed of recombinant human insulin adsorbed onto Technosphere microparticles formed by fumaryl diketopiperazine (FDKP) under mildly acidic conditions.
The patent families include protection for methods of treating inflammatory disease and compositions of matter comprising diketopiperazine derivatives.
Cyclo(L-Tyr-L-Pro) (diketopiperazine) and o-hydroxyemodin (anthraquinone) exhibited potent inhibitory effect on HCV NS3-NS4A protease with mild interfere with human physiological processes requiring trypsin activity, which warrants for further investigation of other members of these widely distributed class of diketopiperazines and anthraquinones in marine and terrestrial metabolites.
Singh, "Synthesis and antiviral properties of arabino and ribonucleosides of 1,3-dideazaadenine, 4-nitro-1,3-dideazapurine and diketopiperazine," Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids, vol.
1996) and chitin-entangled protein (diketopiperazine) probably originate from fungal cell walls and/or arthropod exoskeleta, cither way serving as an indication of biologically re-assimilated ('secondary') remains in SOM (Gutierrez et al.
Toxicity of aspartame and its diketopiperazine for Wistar rats by dietary administration for 104 weeks.
One of its active ingredients is aspartyl-alanyl diketopiperazine (DA-DKP), which is derived from the two amino acids from the terminal end of human albumin.