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DILDeed-in-Lieu (finance)
DILDual In-Line (integrated circuits)
DILDigital Image Library
DILDigital Impairment Learning (modems)
DILDirect Inward Line
DILDigital Integration Laboratory (Army Software Engineering Center)
DILDerived Intervention Levels
DILDeliverable Items List
DILDigital Integrated Laboratory
DILDichiarazione di Inizio Lavori (Italian: Declaration of the Start of Work)
DILDielectric Image Line
DILDépartement d'Informatique de Luminy
DILDigital Information Laboratory
DILDaily Instruction Logs
DILDrainable Interstitial Liquid
DILDilan Interactive Learning (free tech training downloads and printouts)
DILDisconnected, Interrupted, and Low-bandwidth
DILDirector of International Logistics
DILData Interchange Language
DILDeferred Item List
DILDisplayed Impact Line (US Air Force; fighter plane guide)
DILDirect Industrial License (India)
DILDear Investigator Letter (healthcare)
DILDifferential Insertion Loss (optical systems)
DILDiagnostics Immobiliers Lyonnais (French: Lyon Real Estate Diagnostics)
DILDistribution Idéale Libre (French: Ideal Free Distribution; ecology)
DILDivision de l'Intendance et de la Logistique (French: Division of Stewardship and Logistics)
DILDangerous Illness List
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Our interpretation is that, because we are making a presumed decision to dilate prior to the appointment because we want better images, and it is the images that are outside the scope of GOS and it is the images the patient is choosing to have, then this dilating does not fall into a 'must' under GOS.
Contractions come more and more frequently as the cervix dilates from around 3cm to fully dilated at 10cm.
Jeneralize tonik-klonik nobetler nedeniyle duzenli olarak valproik asit kullanan hastaya 9 yil once (10 yasinda iken) dilate kardiyomiyopati tanisi konulmus ve asetilsalisilik asit (100 mg/gun), digoksin (0.
Using drops in the eyes that dilate a patient's pupils, eye care professionals can check for signs of glaucoma.
He and his associates used a cervical tonometer to objectively measure the force needed to dilate the cervix after priming with vaginal misoprostol, compared with placebo, in 101 women undergoing diagnostic hysteroscopy.
To regulate this microflow minute to minute according to tissues' needs, arterioles continually dilate and constrict.
Other addictive drugs cause the pupils to widen, or dilate.
The condition, known as endothelial dysfunction, means that arteries are not able to dilate as they should.
The trans also made a key artery less able to dilate, a marker of increased heart disease risk.
Periodically, however, those vessels will briefly dilate, sending blood through the skin to keep the tissue from freezing.