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D & CDilation and Curettage
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The finding of the present study revealed that, compared with IVS, PB showed the same effect in reducing pain during surgical procedures, including hysteroscopy, dilation and curettage, and polypectomy.
The recurrent risk is lower when treated with transcervical resection (TCR, 10%) than with dilation and curettage (36.4%).
"This really questions the use of dilation and curettage as first-line treatment for women with a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy since other treatment options are noninvasive, safe, well tolerated, cheap, and accessible," said Dr.
Pregnancies that fail in the first trimester-ones that end in embryonic or fetal death or in incomplete spontaneous abortion, ones whose inevitable outcome is spontaneous abortion and ones characterized by the absence of an embryo in the gestational sac-traditionally have been managed with dilation and curettage. However, vaginally administered misoprostol may be an effective alternative to surgery for some women.
Finally, the preferred method for managing abnormal endometrial stripe should be hysteroscopy and dilation and curettage. Hysteroscopy can confirm the benign nature of ultrasound anomalies, scarring, synechia, and fibrotic tissue in most cases, he said.
Notably, most of the abortions involved were vacuum aspirations rather than dilation and curettage, a strong indicator that the risk was more than simply a matter of more aggressive surgical intervention.
Ibuprofen), hormone therapy (typically, through birth control pills), or surgical procedures, such as a D+C (dilation and curettage of the endometrial lining), myomectomy (the surgical removal of the fibroid) or hysterectomy (the surgical removal of the uterus and the fibroid).
Until recently, gynecologists obtained a biopsy by performing a dilation and curettage (D and C), an uncomfortable procedure with unpleasant side effects such as cramping, bleeding and pain.
In each case, ultrasound failed to reveal a fetal sac, laparoscopy did not reveal an ectopic pregnancy, and dilation and curettage revealed no recent history of pregnancy or trophoblast disease.
When this happens, the doctor may perform a "D and C" (dilation and curettage) to find the cause of bleeding.
(5-8) This accuracy, combined with evidence that dilation and curettage are not necessarily therapeutic for abnormal vaginal bleeding, (9) has led to greater acceptance of outpatient endometrial sampling.