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DORTDiorite (lithological term)
DORTDaily Operational Readiness Test
DORTDecomposition de l'Operateur de Retournement Temporel
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Mineralogy and geochemistry of diorites and associated hydrothermal sulfide mineralization of Gawuch Formation in Drosh area, Chitral, northern Pakistan.
Sergeant Adam Skelsey explained: "We have an ongoing operation in regards to car crime in the local area called Operation Diorite where extra police officers are tasked each night in hot spot areas.
The alteration halos are composed of chlorite [+ or -] calcite [+ or -] epidote, in the diorites and quartz diorites of Segovia batholith and of muscovite [+ or -] illite + quartz + pyrite in the black shales of Segovia sedimentary rocks.
(7) Weathered diorite: medium to dense and the average depth of 4.0 m
The Echeng batholith comprises granite and minor quartz diorite, while the Tieshan batholith consists of quartz diorite and minor gabbro.
Housed in Gallery 2, this striking four-ton Diorite statue of an Egyptian king is impossible to miss.
* Phase 1: An initial mineralizing event likely occurred when a diorite intrusion formed marbles and weakly mineralized skarns in the adjacent silty-limestones and volcanic rocks, and introduced disseminated iron, copper, and molybdenum sulfides,
Phong Nha-Ke Bang can be compared to a huge geological museum thanks to its complicated geological structure with different categories of stone including sandstone, quartz, schist, siliceous limestone, granite, granodiorite, diorite, applet, pegmatite, etc.
(2000) concluded that, overall, these 540-550 Ma ages "post-date closely the time of intrusion", and that the River Denys Pluton is part of the same magmatic event as the 553 Ma diorite of the Creignish Hills pluton.
In the study area lithological units is outcrops the second to fourth periods, which from old to new are as follows: phyllite, ouartzite, paragneiss, marble, shell, sandstone with tufa, volcanic rocks, crystalline limestone locally with fosolina, metamorphic volcanic and tufa, cherty limestone, phyllite, metamorphic quartzarenite, micaschist, metadolomite, amphibolite, limestone, shale and sandstone, schist hornfels, orthogneiss, granodiorite, oput rock, shale and phyllite sandstone, granite, granodiorite, diorite, dolomitic lime, radiolarit breccia, rodist lime, orbitoline, radiolarat, black and blue marl with limestone, alluvium.
Here is Craig's winning list of words, their meanings and the points they gained him: Ventrous - adventurous (65) Gaieties - state of joyful exuberance or merriment (62) Diorite - igneous rock (68) Umu - Polynesian earth oven (24) Zit - spot (36) Kaw - Alternate word for Kansa, a member of a North American Indian people formerly of eastern Kansas, now living mostly in northern Oklahoma (34) Gleet - inflammation of the urethra with a slight discharge of thin puss and mucus (24) Villa - (especially in continental Europe) a large and luxurious country house in its own grounds (14) Talaq - Type of Muslim divorce (42) Gapo - South American forest near a river (27) Barfs - an attack of vomiting (26)
Other words played in the final game included ventrous, meaning adventurous, scoring 65, gleet, meaning inflammation of the urethra, scoring 24, and diorite, meaning igneous rock, scoring 69.