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DPHADecorative Plumbing & Hardware Association
DPHADalmuir Park Housing Association (UK)
DPHADepartment of Public and Healthcare Administration (Seton Hall University; South Orange, NJ)
DPHADwellings per Hectare (residential land calculation)
DPHADiploma in Public Health Administration (various schools)
DPHADental Public Health Administration (course; Thailand)
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Additionally, the diphenylamine test did not reveal presence of nitrates in the NPs colloidal solution after the third stage of centrifugation (Figure 4(a)).
Thereafter a 1 cm long hollow-fibre membrane filled with toluene acceptor solvent (prespiked with the diphenylamine internal standard) fitted at the tip of the Hamilton[R] syringe was introduced carefully into the solution and the vial was tightly capped.
Visualization of the bands was achieved bydrying the TLC plate at 120 C for 1 hour after reacting the plate with a solution consisting of 5 ml of acetone, 0.1 ml of aniline, 0.1 g of diphenylamine and 0.75 ml of phosphoric acid (85%).
Silver and gold nanoparticles were synthesized from silver neodecanoate and gold (I) sodium thiosulfate, respectively,in presence of DPA-NDI-SH (where DPA= Diphenylamine) in a single reaction vessel.
Venkatachari, "Investigation of the inhibitive effect of poly(diphenylamine) on corrosion of iron in 0.5 M H2SO4 solutions," Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, vol.
From all the synthesized derivatives 27(a-j), the compound 27h containing morpholine moiety was found to be most active followed by the compound 27i with piperazine moiety and compound 27e with diphenylamine moiety [54].
DNA content in the supernatant was determined using the method of diphenylamine reaction and expressed as the amount of DNA mg/g of wet weight of bone tissue [13].
DNA was determined by treating the nucleic acid extract with diphenylamine reagent and the intensity of blue colour was measured at 600 nm.
(1949): Further Observations on the Diphenylamine Test for Gun Powder Residue.
Double base smokeless powders typically contain nitrocellulose, dibutyl phthalate, diphenylamine, ethyl centralite, waxes and other hydrocarbon-based additives (Western 2007).
In this method a protein precipitate of serum containing sialic acid will react with diphenylamine producing a purple colour, which is quantitatively measured on a spectrophotometer at 540 nm.