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DIPDual Inline Package
DIPDay in Pictures
DIPDebtor In Possession
DIPDepartment of Infrastructure and Planning (Queensland, Australia)
DIPDépartement de l'Instruction Publique (French: Department of Public Instruction; Switzerland)
DIPDigital Image Processing
DIPDepartment of Industrial Promotion (Thailand)
DIPDebt Issuance Programme (various locations)
DIPDistal Interphalangeal (medical)
DIPDuctile Iron Pipe
DIPDelivery Interest Point
DIPData Information and Process
DIPDial Internet Provider
DIPDialup Ip Protocol
DIPDestination Ip
DIPDynamic Ip
DIPDisplay Interface Processing
DIPDisplay Input Processor
DIPDirect Ip
DIPData Interchange Program
DIPDatabase of Interacting Proteins
DIPData Integration Project (various organizations)
DIPDirectory Integration Platform (Oracle)
DIPDependency Inversion Principle
DIPDocument Image Processing
DIPDocument d'Information Précontractuelle (French: Pre-Contractual information Document)
DIPDesquamative Interstitial Pneumonia
DIPDrunk in Public
DIPDissemination Information Package
DIPDetailed Implementation Plan
DIPDisability Income Plan (various locations)
DIPDriver Improvement Program
DIPDissolved Inorganic Phosphorus
DIPData, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services
DIPDay Intensive Program (New York, NY)
DIPDeletion/Insertion Polymorphism
DIPDegradable Intake Protein (animal science)
DIPDifference In Pay
DIPDrugs Intervention Programme (UK)
DIPDefence Industrial Policy (UK)
DIPDiagnostic Imaging Program (biomedicine)
DIPDie in Place (slang for order to hold ground even if attacked by overwhelming force)
DIPDividend Investment Plan
DIPDirección de Incidencia Pública (Spanish: Department of Public Advocacy; Guatemala)
DIPDolphin Interaction Program (various organizations)
DIPDigital Inclusion Project
DIPDual Inline Pin
DIPDucrocq Ingénierie Process (French: Ducrocq Engineering Process)
DIPDistal Interphalangeal Predominant (arthritis)
DIPDiscover Intensive Phonics
DIPDominant Interferer Proportion
DIPDistributed Immersive Performance (musical collaboration)
DIPDIACAP Implementation Plan
DIPDirector, International Programs
DIPDéveloppement Informatique Progiciels (French: Software Development Package)
DIPDubai Investments Park Development Company (also seen as DIPDC; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DIPDéménagements Industriels et Privés (French: Industrial and Private Removals)
DIPDevelopment in Process
DIPDial-up Internet Protocol
DIPDigital Intellectual Property
DIPDepartamento de Información Pública de las Naciones Unidas (Spanish)
DIPDiari personal interactiu (Catalan Interactive personal newspaper)
DIPDiagonal Interleaved Parity
DIPDisplay Information Processor
DIPDefense Imagery Program
DIPDedicated Inside Plant (telecommunications)
DIPDecision in Principal
DIPDirect Industrial Participation (offset term for industrial cooperation linked to the defence industry)
DIPDestination Internet Protocol
DIPDesign Internal Pressure
DIPData Integrity Program
DIPDual In-Line Packet (switch)
DIPDefense Intelligence Plan
DIPDrive Image Professional
DIPData Interface Processor
DIPDoily In Progress
DIPDivisión de Investigación Policial
DIPDigital Instrumentation Programmer
DIPDrivers Instrument Panel
DIPDealer Incentive Package
DIPDrive Impedance Phase
DIPDisease Ignorance Poverty
DIPDirect Indictment Program
DIPDeutsches Institut für angewandte Pflegeforschung eV (German Institute for Applied Nursing Research)
DIPDistrict Incident Plot
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A small gap was micromachined accross the 50 [OMEGA] microstrip line that connects the diplexer with the IF side.
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Furthermore, broadband or ultra-wideband (UWB) modern commination systems [22-25] have promoted the development of the microstrip diplexer with broadband channel.
The data shows the combined effect of the filters and the diplexer for each path.
The structure and the optimized S-parameters for the compact broadband polarizing diplexer is shown in Figs.
In this article, a dual-band wireless local area network (WLAN) antenna switching module (ASM), employing transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) diplexers combined with a gallium arsenide (GaAs) switch, is designed and fabricated using thin-film passive technology.
In this paper, a method is presented for coupling matrix synthesis of overall resonator diplexer with two types of junctions, which represent a large class of practical diplexers implementations.
The concept behind today's announcement of TriQuint's new diplexer family grew out of customer needs for performance and faster delivery, along with the option to change filters throughout production lifetimes.
The ridge waveguide T-junctions were developed for wideband diplexer applications [6,7].
The LF9287 is part of MtronPTI's growing family of custom designed filter, diplexer and triplexer solutions for the demanding requirements of high reliability military and first responder network radios.