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DODirector of Operations
DOData Object
DODoctor of Osteopathy
DODay Off
DOData Out
DODue Out
DODelivery Order
DODistrict Office
DODriver Only (train operated by the driver only)
DODirect Object
DODuty Officer
DODigital Output
DODesign Overview
DODevelopment Officer
DODirector Officer
DODominican Republic
DODesk Officer (NYPD)
DODiário Oficial (Official Gazette; Brazil)
DODistributed Object
DODistrict Officer
DODissolved Oxygen
DODivision Officer
DODornier (German aircraft manufacturer)
DODrawing Office
DODoctor of Osteopathic Medicine
DODetention Officer
DODesignated Official
DODesign Objective
DODiscrete Output
DODoctor of Obstetrics
DODistributed Operations
DODeportation Order
DODisaster Operations (US FEMA)
DODepartmental Offices
DODenominacion de Origen (general identification for Spanish wines)
DODisbursing Officer
DOOperations Directorate (NIMA)
DODispensing Optician
DODirectorate of Operations (US CIA)
DODivision Operator
DODigital Orthophoto (FEMA)
DODivisional Officer
DOOmbudsmannen mot Etnisk Diskriminering (the Swedish national ombudsman for issues on ethnic discrimination)
DODiffractive Optics (camera lenses technology)
DODetermination Order (workers compensation claims)
DODefense Order
DODommages Ouvrage (French: Work Damage)
DODesktop Originator
DODisciplined Oscillator
DODistrict Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
DODisbursement Order
DOOperational Dependability
DODrift Orbit
DODonk Out (poker)
DODisbursing Order
DODiode Outline
DODisto-Occlusal (dentistry)
DODistortion Offset
DODark One (Wheel of Time series)
DODiatomic Orbital
DODoctor of Otolaryngology
DODefined Order
DOUS Duty Officer
DODaily Orange (Syracuse University student newspaper; New York)
DODawson and Oberman (plasmas)
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act, air, pride, plume--can be the compound direct object of the verb
From the above, it is clear comparatively that A4, A8 and A3 are generated due to Insecure Direct Object Reference, Cross-Site Request Forgery and Cross-Site Scripting respectively.
Prototypical The Direct Object as unpleasant or contaminating
The data suggests that a rather high amount (60.7%) of case exponents mark subject functions, while only 14.8% mark direct objects. This outcome is partly due to the fact that 54.4% of the clauses in the sample are intransitives and partly due to the situation that many objects are object clauses and therefore take the object function without carrying overt case marking as an inflected word form.
The latter being a major category node, the procedure halts and we check whether the pair [take up + challenge], with take up as a verb and challenge as a direct object, constitutes an entry in the collocation database.
indirect object--the person or thing to which or for which the action is performed; compare direct object
First, in response to the argument from hallucination, Brewer denies that there is any direct object in hallucinatory experiences, either a mind-dependent or a mind-independent one.
In sentences like I tricked $50 out of her, (Manipulate_into_doing) the direct object is analyzed as the Goods, and the prepositional phrase headed by out of is analyzed as the Victim, whereas in I tricked her out of $50, the exact opposite assignments are made.
And I don't mind if I get a letter from someone that actually uses a noun, verb, direct object and some of the other finer implements of language.
What these readings share among themselves is an affirmation of the importance of "to know." But the key lies in the direct object of the verb.
They are what the metaphor refers to; they are, confusingly, the 'direct object' of a metaphorical sentence.
By-standers, so-called "secondary victims," can file lawsuits when they suffer mental harm as a result of having observed the primary victim's injuries, but who were themselves not the direct object of the tortfeasor's negligence.
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