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DOMDocument Object Model
DOMDays On Market (real estate term)
DOMDominican Republic (ISO Country code)
DOMDissolved Organic Matter
DOMDisk on Module (Flash memory module)
DOMDomenica (Italian: Sunday)
DOMDepartment of Management (various organizations)
DOMDirector of Music
DOMDepartment of Mathematics (various schools)
DOMDivision of Management (various organizations)
DOMDirection of Motion
DOMDate Of Marriage (geneological term)
DOMDecade of the Mind (conference)
DOMDissolution of Marriage (divorce)
DOMDirector of Manufacturing (various companies)
DOMDay of Month (US DoD)
DOMDepartment of Meteorology (various locations)
DOMDivision of Minerals (Nevada)
DOMDate of Maturity
DOMDoctor of Oriental Medicine
DOMDistributed Object Management
DOMDirty Old Man
DOMDirector of Marketing
DOMDrawn Over Mandrel (metal-shaping process)
DOMDistributed Order Management
DOMDepartamento de Obras Municipais (Portuguese: Department of Municipal Works)
DOMDéfiscalisation Outre-Mer (French: Overseas Taxation)
DOMDominion of Melchizedek (micronation)
DOMDocument Object Management
DOMDisk on Module
DOMDown Optimization Module
DOMDell Open Manage
DOMData on Master Group
DOMDate of Manufacture
DOMDesign Out Maintenance (engineering)
DOMDead Organic Matter (biology)
DOMDepartements d'Outremer (French: Overseas Counties)
DOMDeo Optimo Maximo (Latin: To God, Best and Greatest)
DOMDiscrete Ordinate Method
DOM4-Methyl-2,5-Dimethoxyamphetamine (psychedelic drug; aka STP)
DOMDistribution Organes Mécaniques (French: Distribution Powertrains)
DOMDepartment of Mysteries (Harry Potter)
DOMDirector of Membership
DOMDrinks on Me
DOMDistribution Operation Manager (various companies)
DOMDental Operatory Microscope
DOMDigital Optical Module
DOMDomino Object Model (old definition)
DOMDigital Output Module
DOMDipartimenti d'Oltremare (Italian: Overseas Department)
DOMDeveloper, Owner and Manager
DOMDépartment d'Outre-Mer (French Overseas Department, similar to a territory)
DOMDirectorate of Information Management (COE)
DOMDose Monitor
DOMDepartment Operations Manual (California Department of Corrections)
DOMDominica, Dominica - Melville Hal-Dom (Airport Code)
DOMDelete Operator Message (Netview command)
DOMDoctrine Organization Training
DOMDominator (archetype in the game City of Villains)
DOMDigital Ohm Meter
DOMDisk Orchestra Module (Yahama Clavinova)
DOMDirectorate of Materiel (US Army)
DOMData Only Module (Nortel)
DOMDisaster Operations Manual (FEMA)
DOMData Output Message
DOMDegree of Multiprogramming
DOMDepartmental Operations Manager
DOMDecimal Order of Magnitude
DOMDirection des Opérations de Marché (French: Branch Operations Market)
DOMDistributed Operations Master
DOMDate of Mortgage
DOMDistant-Organ Metastasis (pathology)
DOMData Origin Level – Manual Input
DOMDrawn Over Metal
DOMDescription, Operation & Maintenance
DOMDirector Of Naval Oceanography & Meteorology
DOMDirector Of Maintenance
DOMDigital Optical Monitoring
DOMDivision of Overseas Ministries
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To the ECHO's very own Six In The City columnist Amanda Harrington who KB-ed professional dirty old man Hugh Hefner when he made her an offer she clearly could refuse.
WHO'D have thought that composer Ludwig van Beethoven was a dirty old man who liked taking his clothes off?
A dirty old man in a raincoat extolling the virtues of the lap dancing clubs and massage parlours?
If a dirty old man wants to watch it, that's fine by me," she says.
A 63-YEAR-OLD councillor, whose 'jocular' remarks to a female council worker have landed him in trouble, last night denied he was a dirty old man.
A TABLE tennis coach whose own barrister called him a dirty old man, has escaped a jail sentence after admitting indecently assaulting seven young girls.
The woman, who was then 23, added: "He was a dirty perv, a dirty old man.
He doesn't mean any harm by it but I hate people thinking he's a dirty old man.
As their friendship grows, he treads, and occasionally crosses, a fine line between being a charming rogue and a dirty old man.
Insiderthinks maybe cuddly Chris should watch himself, hanging around school playgrounds, especially as he's just confessed he's worried he's turning into a dirty old man.
She thinks I'm a dirty old man (at 74), but you know I'm right, don't you?
Considering slimy Solomon's reputation (he has also blabbed about bedding Drew Barrymore at just 15), we doubt even Craggy Aggy would lay so much as a woolly hair extension on the dirty old man.