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Dinah, he thought, had seemed to disapprove him somehow lately; she had not been so kind and open to him as she used to be.
I cannot agree with you; I am convinced that my father would totally disapprove it.
I imagine, though, she hopes the saints in heaven are, for I am sure she is incapable of trying to please by any means of which they would disapprove.
I think, my dear mother, you would not disapprove of her as a daughter.
He put it that way that she might not think he had yielded to an impulse of which his head would disapprove.
Whatever I did you were there to disapprove like a--like a--like an aunt,' she concluded triumphantly.
I wish to represent myself to her through you, because she has a great esteem and respect for her cousin John; and I know you will soften the course I take, even though you disapprove of it; and-- and in short," said Richard, who had been hesitating through these words, "I--I don't like to represent myself in this litigious, contentious, doubting character to a confiding girl like Ada,"
I cordially and conscientiously disapprove of the whole thing, and shall use all.
This time, the doctor will not disapprove of your shooting.
Nonsense," I answered promptly; "I don't disapprove of the boa-constrictor; on the contrary, I'm interested in his mental processes.
You would certainly disapprove of some of my proceedings, and you would probably disobey my orders.
I disapprove so strongly of unequal marriages," she said, walking on slowly towards the cottage, "that I cannot, in common consistency, become one of your guests.