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4) On which side is discipline most rigorously enforced?
Nobody saw me strike you; discipline would not have suffered much.
The art of war teaches general principles of organization, movement, and discipline, which apply universally.
The first thing that he found necessary was to bring his own men into better order and discipline.
As rigid as the sled-discipline of the gods, was the discipline maintained by White Fang amongst his fellows.
During the visit, the SPs Discipline, Inspection and Vigilance) of all three districts briefed the AIG about their official matters and record.
Economics is sometimes described as an isolated field that interacts little with other academic disciplines.
I thank Lodi Unified School District for its renewed commitment to civil rights, ensuring that its discipline policies and practices keep students in the classroom learning critical content rather than lessons in discrimination, said Catherine E.
Electronics Engineering plus its one minor discipline with a population of 10.
Because Deferred Discipline can only resolve minor violations, conduct that is intentional or unethical, including fraud, theft, deception, lying, falsification, criminal conduct, and sexual conduct, is specifically excluded.
Ends/AH/KH Muscat, Nov 4 (ONA) Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) will organize on November 12th and 13th the Disciplines Fair 2013 under the theme of "Your Discipline Is Your Career" under the patronage of Dr.
The discipline of following up is more than just sending the email you promised to send.
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