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DCEDDepartment of Community and Economic Development
DCEDDonor Committee for Enterprise Development (intergovernmental funding)
DCEDDistributed Computing Environment Daemon (information technology)
DCEDDallas County Elections Department (Texas)
DCEDDelaware Center for Enterprise Development (Delaware State University)
DCEDDirector of Civil Engineering and Development (Hong Kong)
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Holmes sat in silence in the cab as we drove back to Baker Street, and I knew from his drawn brows and keen face that his mind, like my own, was busy in endeavouring to frame some scheme into which all these strange and apparently disconnected episodes could be fitted.
At last the lecture came to an end--I am inclined to think that it was a premature one, as the peroration was hurried and disconnected.
But there was the reference to David, and there was the known affection of the Colonel for his wife, to weigh against it, to say nothing of the tragic intrusion of this other man, which might, of course, be entirely disconnected with what had gone before.
And then, without stopping, he shot at Brown the apparently disconnected question: "You have heard about this dagger; you know the experts say the crime was committed with a short blade?
A delicate pathos perfumed her disconnected remarks, giving them unexpected beauty, just as in the decaying autumn woods there sometimes rise odours reminiscent of spring.
All present started up in bewildered excitement; all surrounded her; all had listened uneasily to her wild, disconnected sentences.
Berg and Vera could not repress their smiles of satisfaction at the sight of all this movement in their drawing room, at the sound of the disconnected talk, the rustling of dresses, and the bowing and scraping.
He spoke these disconnected sentences rather abruptly, with his eyes alternately upon the moon and upon the stream.
Certain acts therefore possessed merit, and others were bad, so that life became more harmonious and less disconnected than it would have been had Mr.
He was amazed, disgusted that conditions so foreign to all his purposes, so hatefully disconnected with the objects he cared to occupy himself with, should have lain in ambush and clutched him when he was unaware.
All was gone, and she was only conscious of a dark, earnest, pleading face, and of a voice, far away, disconnected from herself, the voice of a man telling a woman how he loved her.
Notwithstanding the little readiness which his companion had shown in answering his questions concerning his fate, he ventured once more to ask the meaning of all this bustle, which at first sight seemed to be utterly disconnected with his own affairs.