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DCEDDepartment of Community and Economic Development
DCEDDonor Committee for Enterprise Development (intergovernmental funding)
DCEDDistributed Computing Environment Daemon (information technology)
DCEDDallas County Elections Department (Texas)
DCEDDelaware Center for Enterprise Development (Delaware State University)
DCEDDirector of Civil Engineering and Development (Hong Kong)
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Mrs Verloc's doubts as to the end of the bargain no longer existed; her wits, no longer disconnected, were working under the control of her will.
He disliked contradiction, and still more, arguments that were continually skipping from one thing to another, introducing new and disconnected points, so that there was no knowing to which to reply.
Miss Miggs's sense of hearing, however, having as sharp an edge as her temper, and being of the same snappish and suspicious kind, very soon informed her that the footsteps passed her door, and appeared to have some object quite separate and disconnected from herself.
But there was the reference to David, and there was the known affection of the Colonel for his wife, to weigh against it, to say nothing of the tragic intrusion of this other man, which might, of course, be entirely disconnected with what had gone before.
Everything which had been disconnected before began at once to assume its true place, and I had a shadowy presentiment of the whole sequence of events.
A Pesco news release said Pesco Hangu Division teams disconnected power supply to the areas including Mohmand Khawaja from 25 KVA transformer due to nonpayment of Rs.
Division disconnected power supply to Bads and other villages of 11 KV Gomal feeder
Khan City Division disconnected power supply to Bads and other villages of 11 KV Gomal feeder due to non-payment of Rs 8.
According to details power supply disconnected to PA North on nonpayment of Rs1.
Quick disconnect non-spill couplings can feature two styles of internal valves that automatically shut off the flow of liquid when the couplings are disconnected.
Rakesh Perumpilly complained to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) that the water had been disconnected in his building, number 94 in the Mediterranean cluster.