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DISCDiscover (credit card)
DISCDomestic International Sales Corporation
DISCDiscovery Channel (TV)
DISCDistributed Computing (International Symposium)
DISCDeath-Inducing Signaling Complex (cell apoptosis)
DISCDickinson Independent School District (Dickinson, TX)
DISCDigital Internet Systems Consultants
DISCDigital Interactive Systems Corporation
DISCDistributed Inode Storage Cluster
DISCDistinguished Instructor Short Course (Society of Exploration Geophysicists)
DISCDisarmament and International Security Committee (various organizations)
DISCDominance/Influence/Steadiness/Conscientiousness (personality profile)
DISCDefense Industrial Supply Center
DISCDisconnect Command
DISCDifferential Scattering
DISCDynamic Information Systems Corporation
DISCDaingerfield Island Sailing Club (Alexandria, VA)
DISCDNA Information and Stock Center
DISCDefense Information System Council
DISCDigital Information Services Center (Netherlands)
DISCDiscover Information Security Compliance (Discover's payment card industry data security standard compliance program)
DISCDisaster Information Systems Clearinghouse
DISCData and Information Service for CliC
DISCDISA Information Systems Center
DISCDigital Info Security Company (Colorado)
DISCDirect-Injection Stratified Charge engine
DISCDental Interactive Simulations Corporation
DISCDeprivation, Immediacy, Size and Contingency (behavioral reinforcement)
DISCDevelopment Information Services Clearinghouse (USAID)
DISCDistributor Information Systems Corporation
DISCDigital Information Systems Corporation
DISCData Information Service Center
DISCDepartment of Information Systems Club (Arizona State University)
DISCDigital Interchange Standard for Cardiology
DISCDigital Integration Systems & Consultancy
DISCDocument Imaging Services Company
DISCDigital International Switching Center
DISCData Index for Software Configuration
DISCDiplomatic Intelligence Support Center
DISCDelay In Separation Code
DISCData and Information Services for CliC (Climate and Cryosphere)
DISCDesign Information System Center
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I had to summon a good deal of courage to take a student who had been studying cube root and "banking and discount," and explain to him that the wisest thing for him to do first was thoroughly master the multiplication table.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is offering a 10 percent discount off their lowest retail rate at the time of booking to CFMTA- MTNA- RCM conference attendees in Toronto.
It stated that, to qualify as a discount under the regulations, an amount must arise contemporaneously with the purchase of specific goods.
The discount rate is normally determined using benchmarks derived from public market data.
The affinity agreement guarantees TEI members significant discounts on both new and renewal subscriptions.
Many FLPs of the last decade were thinly veiled estate tax evasion efforts, claiming unwarranted discount valuations of as much as 90 percent.
AICPA members receive MasterCard/Visa discount rates as low as 1.
Note that the Medicare "transitional assistance" discount prescription card recently in the news is a temporary program, which will last 19 months.
Minimum discounted rates of 50% off transportation services are available for members moving to another state, with 2% in excess of the discount contributed to the DAV for programs benefiting disabled veterans and their families.
Combined with the enrollment arms race, it meant that schools had to further deepen the discount (to a current average of about 39 percent nationally), leaving fewer resources to spread around.
Although discount rates vary by state, CalCPA members who reside in California may qualify for a 25 percent reduction off GEICO's already low rates.