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DISCRDirectorate for Industrial Security Clearance Review
DISCRDefense Investigative Service Clearance Review (US DoD)
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Let them discriminate between what they remember and what they dreamed, call a spade a spade, give us facts, and honor their own senses with trust.
Hongsreang has been charged with incitement to discriminate and incitement to commit a felony,' court spokesperson Kuch Kimlong said on Thursday.
'You cannot purport to discriminate against different cadres of state officers within the public service.
The law states that Dabawenyos may not discriminate against anyone based on their gender, religion, life status, among others.
Fox shows that this divide cannot be attributed to the divide between the West and the former Soviet Bloc since non-Orthodox states in the former Soviet Bloc discriminate far less than their Orthodox counterparts, while an Orthodox majority Western state--Greece--discriminates on a level similar to Orthodox majority states in the former Soviet Bloc.
When asked whether Pakistan was taking enough steps against terrorists, she drew attention to statement of Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, in which he vowed not to discriminate among terrorist groups.
But never discriminate based on size or physique or gender.
Sixty schools have already sought from the Obama administration exemptions from Title IX, a provision in a 1972 education law that states that educational programs may not discriminate on the basis of sex if they receive federal aid.
Recently, we developed a quantitative discriminant system to discriminate these three cell types and their subtypes [9].
We are also seeing religion being used to discriminate against same-sex couples seeking venues for their wedding receptions, and teachers have been fired from religiously affiliated schools for using assisted reproductive technology.
It is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the grounds of the person's: Sex (including married people and people undergoing gender reassignment) Race which includes colour, nationality, national origin and ethnic origin Disability Sexual orientation (or perceived sexual orientation) Religion or belief Age Part-time working Fixed term working Q.