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DISPRDispatcher (railroad)
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Saline County E911 Coordinator and Saline County Central Dispatch Director Tracy Felty said Dudley, who had worked as a dispatcher since 2005, will be missed by co-workers and by the community she served.
The audience learned that the most important information to have ready when calling 911 for medical help is their address or location, and the caller should be able to tell the dispatcher briefly what happened.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 9, 2016-Teamster flight dispatchers, NetJets reach tentative agreement
Then it orders weights into the enhanced WOWA operator and connects the operator with the concept of fuzzy logic in a hierarchy pattern under the different knowledge situation of dispatcher group.
Now, the solo dispatcher takes the call, puts the caller on hold to dispatch units.
37am another dispatcher radioed: "Units responding to the Sandy Hook School.
Dispatchers who answer emergency calls suffer emotional distress that can lead to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a study in the April Journal of Traumatic Stress.
Communication dispatcher is the important element of the whole virtual laboratory.
When police arrived, a vehicle was upside down and power lines were hanging 6 feet above ground, the dispatcher said.
HCSS has launched an integrated GPS feature that significantly expands the capabilities of its resource management software, The Dispatcher.
SAN FERNANDO -- Shayla Phillips spoke calmly as she told a 911 dispatcher that she was being followed by a vengeful ex-lover.
Telling the dispatcher that he was armed and was going to arrest the teens, he made his move.