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DSPRLDigital Signal Processing Research Laboratory (Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA)
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Each vessel was followed and examined to count its dispersal and magistral pattern.
Such reports suggested that dispersal has a severe impact on women's mental and physical health and on their maternity care.
In this work, we will refer to natural dispersal when measurements are made using the pre-existing local population and with a minimal intervention in the environment, contrasting with the dispersal measured under (singular, adhoc) experimentally created situations.
They occur at low densities and exhibit variable dispersal strategies that seem to be influenced by landscape context and social dynamics (Maehr et al.
Sgt Alan Lawless, responsible for policing in the Soho area, said: "We are pleased to have secured this dispersal order and hope to reduce issues of crime and anti-social behaviour across the locality.
Mr Pritchard said the dispersal order was introduced because of "significant concerns" about underage drinking, scooter riding, urinating in public and other anti-social behaviour.
Resident Director Waqar Ahmed was of the view that dispersal of nationalism is the top priority of this Council and platform is provided to the talent without any distinction.
Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance Ltd, the home finance subsidiary of Sundaram Finance, has said that it could achieve its loan dispersal targets for fiscal 2012 by using its own fund resources.
Field research has showed that there is minimal evidence about the relative contribution of dispersal mechanisms on seed and seedling demography (Howe & Miriti 2000, 2004).
In many crops, such as oilseed rape, premature seed dispersal is one of the major causes of crop loss.
Aylor's "Aerial Dispersal of Pollen and Spores" is a unique, valuable, and comprehensive reference covering the many complex factors and effects encompassing the movement of spores through the air.
In stark contrast, seed dispersal has attracted far less attention and has been noted, often as incidental observations, for very few species.