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We could proceed to display manuscripts to our historical sceptic, in which it was said that Caesar had behaved in this way.
It was a noble turnout, and would have made a fine display if we had had thinner weather.
I hear mass every day; I share my substance with the poor, making no display of good works, lest I let hypocrisy and vainglory, those enemies that subtly take possession of the most watchful heart, find an entrance into mine.
So, then the moon displays invariably the same face to the earth; nevertheless, to be quite exact, it is necessary to add that, in consequence of certain fluctuations of north and south, and of west and east, termed her libration, she permits rather more than half, that is to say, five-sevenths, to be seen.
Display features animated merry-go- round, Ferris wheel, flying swings, teeter-totter, steam engine, jack-in- the-box Santa, sound system, lights.
Of the various technologies vying to displace Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) as the dominant flat panel technology, Electroluminescent Displays (ELDs) are the only completely solid state display design and are unmatched for ruggedness.
and NEC Display Solutions, Ltd today agreed to merge the projector business of NEC Viewtechnology and the desktop and large-screen LCD businesses of NEC Display Solutions effective April 1, 2007.
They are compatible with both of NEC's display calibration software packages: SpectraView II and GammaComp MD (each sold separately).
The entire team at Universal Display joins me in congratulating Julie on this significant professional achievement," said Steven V.
NSCC), a leading manufacturer of super-purified OLED materials with consistent quality in commercial scale, and Universal Display Corporation (NASDAQ:PANL), a leading developer of OLED technologies and materials for flat panel displays, lighting, electronic communications and other opto-electronic products, today announced significant enhancement in the performance of green phosphorescent OLEDs resulting from their ongoing technical collaboration.
Idemitsu Kosan is now supplying these materials to OLED display manufacturers throughout the world.
Partnerships like these will aid in achieving Planar's strategic goals, primarily, building on its specialty display core competencies to enter additional specialty display markets over time.