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DSATDiving Science and Technology (subsidiary of PADI)
DSATDefence Systems Approach to Training (UK)
DSATDivision de la Santé au Travail (French: Division of Occupational Health; Luxembourg)
DSATDigital Satellite (broadcast/new media platform)
DSATDII (Defense Information Infrastructure) Satellite Terminal
DSATDistributed Wind Site Analysis Tool (software)
DSATDefense Satellite
DSATDifferential Substance Abuse Treatment (Maine)
DSATDown Syndrome Association of Toronto
DSATDefensive Satellite
DSATDigital Supervisory Audio Tone
DSATDouble Standard Assessment Test
DSATData Self-Assessment Toolkit
DSATDigital Systems & Applied Technologies (Maryland)
DSATDigital Storage Architecture for Tape
DSATDefense of Satellites
DSATDevelopmental Submarine Analytical Test-Bed
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In the study by Campana, Ferreira and Tavares (2012), undertaken with adults, it was observed that internalization of media messages regarding information on beauty was related to the acceptance of aesthetic plastic surgery, it being the case that, among women, this acceptance was associated with dissatisfaction with life.
Further, age may also be related to body image dissatisfaction. Although several investigations have shown that dissatisfaction increases with age (McNAMARA et al., 2008; MOUSA et al., 2010), this fact is not so well established in literature, since cross-sectional (FIDELIX et al., 2011; TRICHES; GIUGLIANI, 2007) and longitudinal studies (JONES, 2004; STICE; WHITENTON, 2002) do not confirm this association and further investigation is required.
Numerous researches have been conducted on body image in adolescents (6-10), however, there are no studies that verify the association of two different levels of body image dissatisfaction (desire to reduce and to increase body size) with socio-demographic factors (age, gender and economic status) and anthropometric indicators (body mass index and waist circumference).
Meanwhile, non-"Yolanda" victims gave a 69 percent satisfaction rating and a 21 percent dissatisfaction rating to the President, with a net satisfaction rating of +48 or "good."
Body dissatisfaction is the discrepancy between the real perception of one's own body and one's ideal body.
The Director-General expressed dissatisfaction while checking the uniforms of the officers.
The court expressed dissatisfaction over Sindh government report during the hearing of the case.
He also the currently perceived dissatisfaction was to be expected following the euphoria of last year's general election result.
"Dissatisfaction with democracy is higher in emerging than edvanced economies," the study read.
The ADCR also expressed dissatisfaction over collection of agricultural tax and directed tehsildars and naib tehsildars to ensure 100% recovery till Jan 15.
In the following sections, we review literature on body dissatisfaction and spirituality.
Nursing dissatisfaction contributes to turnover and nursing shortages (Duffield et al.