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I moved my art practice partially into magazines in order to make and disseminate my work.
We disclose any new information in a press release, and we disseminate it through the proper channels to make sure we comply with regulation FD.
The Federal Office of Management & Budget (OMB) now requires agencies to adopt a basic standard of quality as a performance goal, and to adopt specific standards of quality appropriate for the categories of information they disseminate,
On the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow, a new complex brings together cultural and exhibition elements to disseminate present and future scientific advances.
They also should determine how to collect, process, and disseminate additional information as the event unfolds.
For example, Federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention enjoy reputations as valued contributors to society because they generate and disseminate useful information.
In the past decade, the federal government has increasingly come to rely on private vendors to disseminate the vast quantities of information it gathers, collates, loads, and stores in electronic format-everything from the number of building starts in Seattle to the health hazards posed by pesticides to the number of Detroit children who live in poverty.
BCPS, one of the top 25 school districts in the country, will use SAFARI Montage WAN Manager and CreationStation to create and disseminate professional development to schools.