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DISSDigital Image Scanning System
DISSDirect Solar Steam
DISSDiameter Index Safety System
DISSDartington International Summer School (UK)
DISSDigital Ionospheric Sounding System
DISSDirection des Interventions Sanitaires et Sociales (French: Directory of Health and Social Services)
DISSDatabase of Individual Seismogenic Sources
DISSDefense Information System for Security
DISSDOE Integrated Security System
DISSDistributed Interactive Simulation and Stimulation
DISSDiameter Indexed Stainless Steel
DISSDistributed Image Spreadsheets
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They redeem his nature from the subjection of time and space; he is no longer a "puny insect shivering at a breeze"; he is the glory of creation, formed to occupy all time and all extent; bounded, during his residence upon earth, only to the boundaries of the world, and destined to life and immortality in brighter regions, when the fabric of nature itself shall dissolve and perish.
The original grounds of their separation from the Church of England were not objects of a magnitude to dissolve the bonds of communion, much less those of charity, between Christian brethren of the same essential principles.
When the political situation is not favourable, the board of directors can dissolve the party with a 50 [percent]-plus-one vote,' he said, adding that they will shortly submit the change to the Interior Ministry for approval.
Thrombolytics may be used to dissolve a blood clot in a vein deep within the body, often in the legs (deep vein thrombosis).
Pressed into the skin, the microneedles quickly dissolve in bodily fluids, leaving only the water-soluble backing.
Like most solids, gold's solubility (measure of how well a solute can dissolve in a solvent) decreases as the temperature drops.
For those individuals who prefer a buffet-style approach to novel writing, Jonathan Luckett's third novel, Dissolve, is sure to satisfy their palates with its varied portions of erotica, mystery and psychological thriller.
The samples where inoculants did not fully dissolve only contained small particles of gray iron and refractory material.
To actually dissolve the cellulose, they added thiocyanate salts.
The British artist, despite his daring use of evanescent glazes and misty dissolves, clearly belongs to the traditional past.
Make your client aware that simply checking the final return box on their next tax return does not officially dissolve anything.