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DIVERSEDisseminating Innovative Video Educational Resources for Students Everywhere (conference)
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But I conceive myself the more bound to husband the time that remains the greater my expectation of being able to employ it aright, and I should doubtless have much to rob me of it, were I to publish the principles of my physics: for although they are almost all so evident that to assent to them no more is needed than simply to understand them, and although there is not one of them of which I do not expect to be able to give demonstration, yet, as it is impossible that they can be in accordance with all the diverse opinions of others, I foresee that I should frequently be turned aside from my grand design, on occasion of the opposition which they would be sure to awaken.
In addition, PG&E eclipsed the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC) diverse spending goal of 21.
Funds included in the NAIC Diverse Private Equity Index outperformed the median Cambridge U.
Manufacturer's sales firm Diverse Marketing, a family owned business established in 1959; has announced a strategic partnership in the Mid-Atlantic States with sales agency High Five, Inc.
He's help to build a racially diverse team in his own firm's legal department.
Retail units that are diverse and engaged have a 46 percent higher increase in comparable revenue.
We are proud to be on the list for the fourth time in succession and hope to maintain this rate of growth," said Shubhendra Varma, President of Diverse Lynx said.
I call them the "Top 5 Ways to Ensure that your Firm's Diverse Lawyers Won't Leave.
However, one major problem libraries face is how to design a system that will allow the user to search, view, and download diverse geospatial data and digital maps.
The mural, while controversial in its time, will allow adults and children of all ages to learn about and appreciate the diverse history of this city, the importance of freedom of artistic expression and the origins of the muralist movement in this city,'' said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
The presence of diverse populations on university campuses is only the beginning of the journey toward an inclusive community.
pilosicoli isolates of diverse geographic and host-species origins and the B.