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DVDDigital Versatile Disc (formerly Digital Video Disc)
DVDDigital Video Disc (now Digital Versatile Disc)
DVDDick Van Dyke (actor)
DVDDeath Valley Days (TV show)
DVDDivide (street type)
DVDDiploma in Venerology & Dermatology (India)
DVDDigital Video Disc
DVDDivide Decimal
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
DVDDivers Droite (France, politics)
DVDDeutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz
DVDDC Video Deluxe (skateboarding)
DVDDirect Vendor Delivery
DVDDevelopmental Verbal Dyspraxia
DVDDeath Valley Driver (pro wrestling)
DVDD-Von Dudley (wrestler)
DVDDefinitie Van Dopeheid (Dutch: Definition of Permissible Dope)
DVDDissociated Vertical Deviation (ophthalmology)
DVDDigital Video Drive
DVDDynamic Voltage Drop (electronics)
DVDDepp Vom Dienst (German: Idiot of Service)
DVDDouble-Vessel Disease
DVDDigital Virtual Disk
DVDDrivers Vigilance Device (UK)
DVDDriver and Vehicle Data Online Access
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While all the time, day and night, the eyes of the tribe watched from the top of the divide.
While one of the watchers was on top of the divide, another man stole his wife, and he came down to fight.
It was bad to break up the tribe, for then the Meat-Eaters would come over the divide and kill them all.
And we forgot that we were hungry, and why we had grumbled, and were glad to be led by Tiger-Face over the divide, where we killed many Meat-Eaters and were content.
Whenever the people grumbled too loudly the Bug sang a new song, and Big-Fat said it was God's word that we should kill Meat- Eaters, and Tiger-Face led us over the divide to kill and be killed.
We had followed Tiger-Face too often over the divide and killed them.
That's the way I went up, but I come back by crossing the divide, keeping along the crest several miles, and dropping down into Bonanza.
20 May 2014 - US technology major Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has taken over domestic enterprise mobility management software start-up Enterproid Inc, doing business as Divide, the target said on its website, without revealing financial details.
AT this time of year, just when plants are entering their dormant phase, I always look at the overcrowded clumps of perennials dying down and decide what I need to divide next year.
The Cold War Ideological Divide (the Soviet-East-American-West) Divide
The tracks get EUR6,000 a race now and we submitted a proposal that the tracks would contribute to a divide but that has not yet happened.
In this two-volume set, contributors from 50 different institutions and organizations in 13 countries examine the digital divide from interdisciplinary perspectives, focusing on policy and social issues.