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DIVDivide (street type)
DIVDivergence (mathematics; calculus)
DIVDays in Vitro
DIVDocumentaire Informatievoorziening
DIVDesquamative Inflammatory Vaginitis
DIVDirection d'Immatriculation des Véhicules (French: Directorate of Vehicle Registration; Belgium)
DIVDiagnostique In-Vitro
DIVDrywell Isolation Valve
DIVDélégation Interministérielle a la Ville (French: Interministerial Delegation to the City)
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In [10], the development of a pulse resistive voltage divider is described for recording a lightning impulse up to 500 kV.
The driver slept in the middle of driving and the car crashed on the divider.
They should be correctly designed and selected to withstand the reflective power, and also have a little bit of margin built into them so that when the power divider goes through some of the temperature extremes, it will still perform without failing," he says.
Several methods have been proposed in the literatures to overcome the narrow strip width in single section Wilkinson power divider with high dividing ratio [6-18].
Customers can now take advantage of these ultra-broadband RF power divider versions previously not available in our other lines of power dividers.
The Wilkinson power divider has been widely used with advantages that its output ports can be simultaneously isolated and matched, as well as its bandwidth is extremely wide [1].
Two microstrip feed lines of the power divider couple the energy from the two slotlines of CPW, thus a power divide, which is also a CPW-to-microstrip transition, is achieved.
Main block of the frequency divider is a flip-flop.
Divider slots allow you to create hundreds of different compartment sizes.
7 -- Outwater, a provider of plastics and architectural products, has unveiled multipurpose standard and "baby" Binning Divider Strips, which enable anyone to readily and economically create reconfigurable compartmentalized horizontal and vertical partitions or dividers for bins, drawers, cabinets, tables or displays in which objects must be segregated.
This reduces the average dough piece scaling weight by adjusting the divider in real time to compensate for changes in dough density.
Many of those who responded to the issue of debate this week in Times Xpresso, however, opined that it's not the road divider but speeding that kills.