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Jones was unnecessary to teach the congregation to rise; the solemnity of the divine effected this as by magic.
When the clergyman bent his knees in prayer and confession, the congregation so far imitated his example as to resume their seats; whence no succeeding effort of the divine, during the evening, was able to remove them in a body.
And when I mention honour, I mean that mode of Divine grace which is not only consistent with, but dependent upon, this religion; and is consistent with and dependent upon no other.
Those who are possessed of it cannot be said to be men of science or philosophers, but they are inspired and divine.
But Plato certainly does not mean to intimate that the supernatural or divine is the true basis of human life.
In regard to this project of marriage for me, I will tell you, dear sweet friend, that I look on marriage as a divine institution to which we must conform.
It seems as though mankind has forgotten the laws of its divine Saviour, Who preached love and forgiveness of injuries- and that men attribute the greatest merit to skill in killing one another.
And consequently does it not of necessity follow that the more divine offspring of the divine Cube in the Land of Four Dimensions, must have 8 bounding Cubes: and is not this also, as my Lord has taught me to believe, "strictly according to Analogy"?
But neither the young Divine said so, nor anyone of his grumbling companions in the coach of the vetturino.
So spake th' Eternal Father, and fulfilld All Justice: nor delaid the winged Saint After his charge receivd, but from among Thousand Celestial Ardors, where he stood Vaild with his gorgeous wings, up springing light Flew through the midst of Heav'n; th' angelic Quires On each hand parting, to his speed gave way Through all th' Empyreal road; till at the Gate Of Heav'n arriv'd, the gate self-opend wide On golden Hinges turning, as by work Divine the sov'ran Architect had fram'd.
Because the familiar divine voice has hindered him; if he had been a public man, and had fought for the right, as he would certainly have fought against the many, he would not have lived, and could therefore have done no good.
I desired," replied the Dog, "merely to harmonise myself with the Divine Scheme of Things.