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DIVOTDigital-to-Voice Translator
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Her divot bags provide an easy and cost effective way of reducing divot damage on fairways and are filled with a mixture of soil, sand and seed that members carry around with them on their trolleys.
Next time you play, take time to study your divot and establish if the depth is even from heel to toe as the club passed through the turf.
From March to October, the girls fill in the divots on the fairways with sand, then for the rest of the year do the more backbreaking work of digging out around 40,000 divots on the Old Course and replacing them Gordon: with fresh turf.
Divot says the hardest part of putting is learning how hard to hit the ball.
But in case it doesn't, Divot will show us next issue how to putt the ball those last few feet.
Problem was the next season, after a summer in the cupboard, the divot turned to dust.
So ladies, let's see those divots flying by hitting down on the ball, creating height and control on your approach shots.
Made of 100% leather, it is the world's only golf belt with a divot tool and ball marker built right into the tip.
His hairiest moment came on 48 minutes when he took an air shot at a simple Danny Gabbidon back pass after the ball bounced awkwardly off a divot.
Both men halved the 17th in par four but Polland drove into a divot and then a bunker while Cambridge hit his second to ten feet as Polland conceded.
That way you can sweep the ball cleanly rather than take a divot.
1, but Hogarth took his eye off the ball as it hit a divot and it bounced over his foot to add to Paul Walker's first-half strike.