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DKGDeutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft (est. 1982; German: German Cacti Society)
DKGDeutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (German: German Ceramic Society; Köln, Germany)
DKGDelta Kappa Gamma Society International
DKGDeutsche Krankenhaus Gesellschaft (German: German Hospital Association; Berlin, Germany)
DKGDeutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft (German: German Killifische Community; est. 1969; Germany)
DKGDirect Kick Goal (soccer)
DKGDub's Kruisers Gang (Belgian car club)
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Deutsch (16) has proposed that the ion at m/z 135 is threonate, which can be derived from DKG (m/z 191).
During this time, she returned to her early love of songwriting and began performing at open-mic nights where she was discovered and signed by DKG Music, a new LA-based label distributed by Warner/Elektra/Atlantic.
Tenders are invited for Register Bound To Is: 5195 Of 1969 Or Latest Board Ruled With A Double Red Line At Top Side Margin Of 22 Mm Gap Between Two Lines Is 9 Mm Paper Size 210 X 297Mm 100 Leaves 200 Pages Of White Printing Paper To Is: 1848/1991 60 Gsm Each Page Should Have Caption Nwr Printing At The Bottom On Left Corner And On Top Cover In Pink Colour Ir Logo Should Be In Centre In Size Of 100 Mm Dia And Ir In English And Hindi Should Be Printed Under Logo Name Of Firm On The Back Cover Of Register Straw Board 45 Dkg To Is: 2617/1967.
The directors of DKG Capital PLC accept responsibility for this announcement.
com), Florgen, Switzerland, a global manufacturer of rubber, plastics and latex, was awarded the DKG Product Award 2015 for its multi-functionalized oil-extended solution styrene butadiene rubber (S-SBR).
DKG Trading is exclusively importing the ammunition line.
Consequently the amount of DKG was lower in samples with clarified lemon juice than in samples with lemon juice and ascorbic acid.
Dupleks offers a variety of hightech slugs for the 12, 16 and 20 gauges available from the US distributor, DKG Trading.