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DKLDry Kill Logic (band)
DKLDonkey Kong Land (video game)
DKLDerrington-Krauskopf-Lennie (color scaling)
DKLDudley Knox Library (Naval Postgraduate School; Monterey, CA)
DKLDhagpo Kundreul Ling (Buddhist retreat center; France)
DKLDataKinetics Ltd. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
DKLDurante Kreuk Limited (Canada)
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Move NanoSensors from a pre-revenue company to one generating revenue -- Enable the Company to strengthen and expand its management team -- Benefit both companies and assist us in penetrating more markets with their life-saving technologies -- Give the Company the opportunity to leverage a combined technology base to develop, and deliver and support future products that save lives, and -- Provide NanoSensors with DKL International's experience in technology and product development, business development and product introduction into the worldwide markets.
In addition, ARV, with DKL Group, has acquired a development property
2007), DKL (2007), Gadarowski, Meric, Welsh, and Meric (2007), and AH (2006, 2007), who also conduct event studies around the dividend tax cut.
DKL too is looking for international licensees so as it can focus on the research and development of other detection devices.
The sales of DKL and DKSL have been made at a market value based on the future
Everyone looked at us like we were loonies," Howard Sidman, president of DKL International Inc.
Richards RME, Xing DKL (1993) In-vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial activities of selected lozenges.
The siglum adopted by the editors for the volumes and melodies of Abteilung III is EdK, but the sigla connected with DKL already present a complex picture (see Notes 54, no.
Coloxica Limited have unveiled the DK1 design suite to European customers and launched a free evaluation version, DKl Eval.
D-M-E's first product of this kind, the DKL latch lock reportedly solves design problems posed by externally mounted latching devices and is more compact than other internal latch locks.