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DKMDropkick Murphys (band)
DKMDyson Kissner Moran (New York)
DKMDoctor of Korean Medicine (South Korea)
DKMDistributed Knowledge Management
DKMDeveloping Knowledge in Manufacturing (California)
DKMDon't Kill Me
DKMDrehkolben Maschine (German: Single-Rotation Engine, aka: SIM)
DKMDeutschland Kreigsmarine (German: German Navy)
DKMDesktop Key Manager
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In sharp contrast, some customers of the defunct DKM Microfinance Limited have confirmed claims by the government that they have been paid a chunk of their investments that got locked up in the financial institution.
NXGH shall be entitled to 45% of the gross proceeds of any settlement or judgment obtained by AIM, DKM, TPP or any of their assignees or successors in interest from its litigation against ComData, Inc./FleetCor.
When the Red Sox needed an anthem to fuel the team's march to the World Series in 2004, the Dropkicks delivered "Tessie." When Martin Scorsese needed a firecracker in the soundtrack to his Boston-based mob film "The Departed," the DKMs handed over "I'm Shipping Up to Boston," resulting in Scorsese winning the Academy Award (OK so maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's just too damn easy to lionize the Dropkicks).
"And if he doesn't issue the code violation, will he be lambasted in front of the mayor?" asks O'Keefe, who says the builder trade group took on the case after it became clear that the legal issue was going to be tested in the state's highest court and DKM Residential Properties Corp.
Bank of Ghana has announced a plan to liquidate the assets of DKM Microfinance.
Staffline Group plc (LSE:STAF), a UK outsourcing firm that provides people and operational expertise to industry, reported today that it has acquired certain assets and commercial relationships from DKM Driving Limited.
DKM Microfinance Limited in Ghana will not be able to operate for another 30 days as the central bank has imposed a moratorium on the bank's operations.
10 August 2012 - British recruitment services firm Staffline Group Plc (LON:STAF) on Friday said it had bought part of DKM Driving Limited, a provider of temporary drivers to businesses in the Midlands area, for an undisclosed price.
Jean Goggin, from DKM Economic Consultants, said prices fell 14.5% last year and 13% over the past nine months.
Previously, he was associated with DKM Properties, Corp., a development firm located in Lawrenceville, NJ.
Global Banking News-June 3, 2015--BoG turns down appeal of DKM customers