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DNDDepartment of National Defence (Canada & Australia)
DNDDrag and Drop
DNDDo Not Disturb
DNDDen Norske Dataforening
DNDDunkin Donuts
DNDDeath and Destruction (gaming)
DNDDirect Nanoparticle Deposition
DNDDo Not Distribute
DNDDo Not Disclose
DNDDigital New Deal
DNDDid Not Dress (basketball)
DNDDartmouth Name Directory
DNDDaonda (SIL code, Papua New Guinea)
DNDDutch News Digest
DNDDundee, Scotland, United Kingdom - Dundee (Airport Code)
DNDDivision of Narcotic Drugs (UN)
DNDDream and Dreamer
DNDDo Not Dispatch
DNDDepartment of National Development (Australia)
DNDDragons Never Die (gaming)
DNDDacs II Network Director
DNDDelegate 'n Disappear (military slang in Canada)
DNDDaily Newspaper Division
DNDDad 'n' Daughter (Normaned Railroad)
DNDDocument Number Derivation
DNDDungeons and Dragons
DnDDinner and Dance (various organizations)
DNDDrugs for Neglected Diseases
DNDDelhi Noida Direct Flyway (Indian expressway)
DNDDeath and Decay (gaming)
DNDDeal or No Deal (TV game show)
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Lorenzana who stated that Mercado refused to carry out official orders from the DND regarding the FAP, resulting in undue delay of the project, and, ultimately, the secretary's loss of his trust and confidence.
The move comes after the Canadian government ordered the review of the PHP12-billion deal between the DND and CCC after receiving reports that the Philippines is planning to use the helicopters against rebel forces.
The DND stated that, "The termination was precipitated by the review ordered by the Canadian government on the implementation of the signed Contract Agreement between the DND and CCC.
The second poll asked citizens how many unsolicited messages they received every week even after being registered on DND.
This particular stretch has been chosen so that we can take toll from all the com- To manage traffic jams, we need more manpower at the DND toll.
There are certainly more factors at play in a DND supply chain.
Consequently, as Associate Deputy Minister at DND, Mr.
Former Camp Ipperwash was a military training facility with active training ranges from 1942 to 1994, and military training on the site, included firing munitions such as grenades, rockets, mortars and pyrotechnics, as well as small arms training, DND said.
DnD is one of the country's few ready-to-wear brands that are currently stocked in several stores across the capital.
A guard at the DND flyover helped the girl and informed police of her.
Additionally, the "whole-of-government" approach to international security issues, which was invoked for the Afghanistan mission 2001-2014 and emphasised collaboration by DND, the Canadian International Development Agency (now part of DFATD), and Foreign Affairs, has lost government favour.
Revision currently supplies the DND with Ballistic Eyewear (both spectacles and goggles) and helmets.