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DOESDepartment of Employment Services (District of Columbia)
DOESDepartment of Environmental Services (various locations)
DOESDream of Electric Sheep
DOESDEERS Online Enrollment System
DOESDirectorate of Evaluation and Standarization
DOESDimensions of Excellence Scales
DOESDirector Of Evaluation & Standardization
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Unlike other contaminated sites, Rocky Flats has earned goodwill and $660 million a year from the DOE and Congress because of its proximity to a major metropolitan area and its proximity, to a closure date.
In The Knowing-Doing Gap, we assert that such failure at implementation does not happen because such leaders lack intelligence or persistence; rather, it is because they lead organizations that make these changes hard to implement.
On a summer night in 1989 Doe drove to a wooded rest stop known as a cruising area for gay men.
Unfortunately, the real-life result is that the DOE allows its contractors to decide whether to defend a case, to choose the lawyers (subject to approval by the DOE), and to exert tremendous influence over decisions such as whether to settle or go to trial.
What does all this mean to the average tax preparer?
Design-Ease users say DOE methods fit well with a variety of plastics processes, which tend to have many variables and many interactions between those variables.
While Windows 95 does not require that DOS be loaded prior to Windows, some DOS code has been ported into the product.
Gaining confidence, the doe moves to the site of two wild apple trees, where she nips off the swelling buds, tasting the juicy new growth.
An important collection of papers was that edited by Chew[43] which appears to have been the first conference on DOE in Nov.