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The palace housed not only the Doge's apartments, the seat of the government and the city's courtrooms, but also a jail, and yes, what is now called the "Bridge of Sighs" because it is said prisoners who walked here on the way to their execution would look out the window and sigh as they viewed the lagoon one last time.
In 1171 a new crisis developed that led to the murder of the still-powerful Doge. Before electing a new Doge, the merchants formed a constitution and an elected parliament with power to elect the Doge; the parliament was known as the Great Council.
In his letter to the doge confirming his gift, Galileo drove home the point that the new instrument would enable Venetian ships at sea to discern the strength of an enemy fleet at a far greater distance than before and similarly allow an army on land to look inside distant strongholds and watch the movements of enemy troops from much further away.
49, gathered into a recent book, La saga dei Foscari (2005), provide accurate and accessible biographies of the doge and his family, while Girgensohn's prosopographical study of some forty Venetian nobles active in the early Quattrocento details the careers of many of Foscari's contemporaries.
Recent commentators have noted that the play is a fundamentally ambiguous representation of the conflict of opposing ideologies both within the play and within the Doge himself.
But when tales of Casanova's antics reach Rome and the villainous Bishop Pucci (Jeremy Irons), the Doge tells him he'll have to leave the city or clean up his act, by marrying a sweet young virgin.
Each time, the Inquisition finds a good case against Casanova, The Doge (Tim McInnerny) rescues the charmer from the hangman's noose.
Each time the Inquisition seems to have a good case against Casanova, The Doge rescues him from the noose.
Ruled by a doge, who had his powers controlled by a cabinet, Venice was a proud and rich republic, known as la Serenissima, the most serene.
New this year to the Guardian Series is our standard reinforced fire doge This addition nearly doubles the fire protection of the Guardian, moving it to 1680 degrees in 90 minutes.
The undoubted star of the sale is Canaletto's view of the ceremonial landing spot the Molo in Venice, with the Bucintoro - the barge belonging to the Doge, the elected head of the Venetian state - prominently moored in front of the Doge's palace.
Manufactured in Italy to a Swiss design, the new Rondo Doge machine is fully computerised and is the last word in top food production.