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DOLEDepartment of Labor and Employment
DOLEDistributed Ole
DOLEDates of Latest Edition
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Dole spokesman Marty Ordman declined to comment on the lawsuit, saying the company is ``working with the authorities'' to determine the cause of the outbreak.
Dole and Inouye were both severely wounded in combat only days apart and met while recovering from their injuries.
Dole opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and extreme risk to the life of the mother.
Unsuccessful in bids for his party's presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988, Dole finally succeeded in his third bid by positioning himself as a "moderate" alternative to Pat Buchanan's populist isolationism and Steve Forbes' supply side economic optimism.
This tendency of Woodward's is most frustrating when it comes to his coverage of the Dole campaign.
voters to support Dole in the primaries; Republicans aged 60 and older, the most likely to vote in caucuses, were supposed to resonate to Dole's resume and experience.
Dole's finances, Dole has refused to discuss his former friend.
In the most recent quarter, Dole received $43 million from insurance related to Hurricane Mitch and earned $8 million on the previously announced sale of its citrus assets in California and Arizona.
Bill Clinton posed as the president while Bob Dole invented a fictional "Bob Dole" as his real self explained to reporters, after embarking on his first post-senatorial campaign swing, that "We're trying to get good pictures.
At his best, Bob Dole is a fiscal conservative who understands that "sacrifice" means more than cutting programs for the poor, and a skeptic of government activism who nevertheless sees the dangerous excesses of an unfettered marketplace.
You know Bob Dole, the guy with the giant chip on his shoulder, the guy who shoots from the chip?