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DCADepartment of Community Affairs
DCADistrict Court of Appeal
DCADepartment of Consumer Affairs
DCADisney's California Adventure (Disneyland theme park)
DCADisturbi del Comportamento Alimentare (Italian: Eating DIsorder)
DCADepartment of Civil Aviation
DCADrug and Cosmetic Act
DCADigital Communications Analyzer
DCADundee Contemporary Arts (UK)
DCADepartment for Constitutional Affairs (UK)
DCADepartment of Culture and the Arts (Australia)
DCADepartment of Cultural Affairs (various locations)
DCAData Center Automation
DCADomiciliary Care Agency
DCADefensive Counter Air (US Air Force)
DCADollar Cost Averaging (investment strategy)
DCADistrict Cricket Association (various locations)
DCAData Centre Alliance
DCADocument Content Architecture
DCADepartment of Civil Aviation Malaysia (est. 1969)
DCADebt Collection Agency
DCADrug Control Agency (various nations)
DCADivision of Cultural Affairs (various locations)
DCADevice Configuration Assistant
DCADivision of Cost Allocation
DCADistributed Component Architecture
DCADynamic Cache Architecture
DCADirectory Client Agent
DCADivision of Consumer Advocacy (Hawaii)
DCADefense Communications Agency
DCADynamic Channel Allocation
DCADeputy Compact Administrator
DCADepartment of Constitutional Affairs (UK)
DCADomiciliary Care Allowance (Ireland)
DCADual-Capable Aircraft (US DoD)
DCADredging Contractors of America
DCADirectional Coronary Atherectomy
DCADynamic Channel Assignment
DCADetrended Correspondence Analysis
DCADeficit Control Act
DCADefensive Counterair (US DoD)
DCADrum Corps Associates (drum & bugle corps organization)
DCADirect Chip Attach
DCADalmatian Club of America
DCADigital Communications Associates
DCADepartment of Company Affairs (India)
DCADivide and Conquer Algorithm
DCADistribution Contractors Association
DCADrug Control Authority (Malaysia)
DCADiamond Council of America
DCADesign Communication Arts (California)
DCAData Collection Analysis
DCADartington College of Arts (UK)
DCADirector of Civil Aviation
DCADynamic Contact Angle
DCADamage Control Assistant (US Navy)
DCADirector of Consumer Affairs
DCADebt Counselors of America
DCADivision of Community Advocacy (Alaska)
DCADirectorate of Community Activities (various organizations)
DCADachshund Club of America
DCADoug Carson & Associates
DCADeferred Compensation Arrangement
DCADistributed Control Application
DCADepartmental Consulting Archeologist (US DOI)
DCADutch Competition Act (antitrust)
DCADirect Connect Architecture
DCADeputy Commandant for Aviation (US DoD)
DCADéfense Contre Avions (French: Anti Aircraft Defence)
DCADesign Chain Associates (various locations)
DCADoctor of Creative Arts
DCADevelopment Credit Agreement
DCADependent Care Assistance (employee benefit)
DCADutch Competition Authority (energy regulation)
DCADirector of Community Activities
DCADominant Cerebellar Ataxias (neurodegenerative disease)
DCADépartement des Conduites Addictives (French: Department of Addictive Behavior)
DCADémocratie Châtillonnaise Aujourd'hui (French political association)
DCADichloroacetylene (CAS Number 7572-29-4)
DCADiario de Centro América (Guatemala news paper)
DCADual Chamber Adaptor
DCADigital Controlled Amplifier
DCADeputy Commander for Administration (US Army healthcare facilities)
DCADispersed Coverage Area (US DoD Satellite Communications)
DCADecline Curve Analysis
DCADelta Club d'Annecy (French hang gliding club)
DCADrilling Contractors Association (Europe)
DCAData Capture Application
DCADerbyshire Caving Association
DCADynamic Content Adapter (Cisco)
DCADefense Cooperation in Armaments
DCADigital Command Assembly
DCADepartment of Codes Administration (Missouri)
DCADistributed Communications Architecture
DCADistributed Computing Architecture
DCADynamic Capacity Allocation
DCADigital Computer Association
DCADeoxycorticosterone Acetate (CAS Number 56-47-3)
DCADirect Charitable Activity
DCADeposit Control Additive (gasoline formulations)
DCADéfense du Citoyen Automobiliste (French: Defense of the Citizen Motorist)
DCADistributed Collaborative Application (computing)
DCADirectorate of Cadet Activities (US Military Academy)
DCADebris Casualty Area (US NASA)
DCADivision de Combat Alliée (French gaming clan)
DCADynamic Code Assignment
DCADutch Canadian Association (Ottawa Valley, Canada)
DCADiamond Construction Association (Japan)
DCADirect Clustering Algorithm
DCADade County Approved (Florida)
DCADetailed Configuration Accounting
DCADesign Change Authorization
DCADynamic Contextual Analysis
DCAData Communications Associates
DCADynamic Clustering Algorithm
DCADependent Child Care
DCADoughnut Corporation of America
DCADrain-Cooler Approach
DCADesignated Conservation Area
DCAData Communications Associates Limited (UK)
DCADenison Community Association
DCADiagnostic Connector Assembly (connector)
DCADelegation of Contracting Authority
DCAData Compression with Antidictionaries
DCADispatch Control Area
DCADocument Control Architecture
DCADiscriminant Component Analysis
DCAData Command Acquire
DCADefense Cooperation Agreements (US DoD)
DCADefense Contracting Agency
DCADocument Control Assistant
DCADirectional/Channel Assignment
DCADrift Correction Angle
DCADesign Change Approval
DCADevelopment Cost Avoidance
DCADigital Channel Allocation (transportation)
DCADefense Courier Agency
DCADrill and Ceremonial Advanced (Australian Air Training Corps)
DCADistrict Commissioner's Award
DCADistribution Control Agency (NASA)
DCADisaster Communication Agreement
DCADigital Computing Association
DCADirect Current Amperage
DCADirect Cite Authorization
DCADi-electric Ceramic Antenna
DCAData Communication Analyzer
DCAWashington, DC, USA - Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (Airport Code)
DCAData Conversion Architect (Universal Conversion Technologies)
DCADisaster Control Authority
DCADigaredoo Club of America
DCADressage Competition Arena
DCADirect Channel Assignment
DCADetonation Chamber Assembly
DCADistribution Cost Analysis
DCADesign Change and Authorization
DCADistinguished Certification Administrator (award)
DCADistribution Center Alignment (merchandising)
DCADrive Cycle Analysis
DCADominican Conservation Association
DCADutch Committee for Afganistan
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Variable annuity dollar cost averaging programs involve allocating a certain amount to one investment subaccount, such as a money market fund, and then having portions of that payment periodically transferred to other subaccounts.
Dollar cost averaging is vital, but more important is its implementation through mutual funds.
The Automatic Purchase Plan takes advantage of dollar cost averaging to grow investors' precious metals ownership each month, eliminating concerns about timing their metals diversification strategy with the market.
With dollar cost averaging, you buy more fund shares or stock shares when prices are down, fewer shares when prices are up.
This table shows how dollar cost averaging can result in a better average share price than trying to time your purchase.
So, the idea with dollar cost averaging is simple: spend a fixed dollar amount at regular intervals (e.
Dollar cost averaging assures that at least some shares will be purchased when the market hits bottom, Kantrowitz notes.
Dollar cost averaging is the systematic purchase of investment instruments over time.
As the title suggests, this paper compares two "formula" or mechanical investment techniques, value averaging (VA) and dollar cost averaging, to a form of random investing to determine if any technique yields superior investment return performance.
With dollar cost averaging, when the price of a stock increases, the investor is buying fewer shares, and when shares are cheaper, they are buying more.
Dollar cost averaging is a simple strategy practiced by many investors who may not even realize it.
Since the focus of dollar cost averaging is on long-term results, don't be overly concerned with whether prevailing market conditions are strong or weak when you begin to invest.